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Well this week has all been rather crazy! I got this video (sort of) up on Sunday and by that I mean it was uploading all day on the worlds slowest internet which was the equivalent of no wifi at all. So I had to cancel my frozen upload screen and re-do it all! Fair to say after a lot of stressing and disappointment in myself it is up and live for you all! So in light of that... My tip this week is: Even if you think you can, never leave things to the last minute. It always ends in a rushed panic and unnecessary stress.

In terms of Instagramming... this has become a bad routine of forgetting to post. But I did really like this picture and you guys seemed to as well so hopefully I will get better!

I'm so mad at myself that my lack of internet caused my upload to be late, however I will be announcing some very exciting news in next weeks, so make sure you check it out! Trust me you won't want to miss it...

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