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For those of you who haven't been living under a rock, you will have noticed a huge trend known as 'norm core' over social media sites such as twittertumblr and instagram all showing a rise in the trend, with the hashtag being used to display celebrities, models and 'inspos' sporting this understated look. The contemporary fashion trend is a stylised blandness, something that has an essence of the 90s American teen with a self-aware desire to be blank.

Crewneck shirt, £14 • Clu oversized tee, £52 • Balmain pleated skirt, £2,990 • Converse white canvas shoes, £30 • Scotch Soda cotton tote bag, £15 • Topshop bracelet jewelryBobbi Brown Cosmetics matte eye shadow, £13 • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics volumizing mascara, £17

Okay, so I've always been obsessed with shopping. There's no denying that. I've always loved  going into different shops and picking out loads of different items I liked, however more often then not, this method of grabbing whatever I liked and thought looked nice didn't always amount to creating co-ordinated outfits easily each morning. With this in mind, I've been searching for a simple rule to shopping that means I can return home knowing I have a weeks worth of fresh outfits from only one or two items. This is where normcore comes into play...

Normcore isn't a passing fad like the 80's shoulder pads, but more of an introduction to a new way of dressing, like the miniskirt of the 60s. Investment clothing that you can create a variety of different styles with the most basic of fashion 'must haves'. Forget bold bright colours, leopard prints, statement accessories, and welcome clean cuts, simple lines and chic neutrals for that chic and effortlessly understated breed of style.

The Olsens, ever so right on with their style choice sport normcore as shown in this tweet from — InStyle (@InStyle) March 28, 2014 : "Everything you need to know about the latest fashion (non)trend, #normcore:"

I've always been a fan of the classic and minimalistic approach when it comes to dressing, but it seems only recently that it's been something I've been able to successfully piece together myself, as my style and how I shop has really developed lately. This works well for my life in the city, where I want comfortable clothing that still looks expensive and classy.

I would say my current 'go-tos' are far easier to mix and match, with a staple wardrobe-diet approach to picking items, thinking of timeless pieces that I know I can wear with anything else in my wardrobe. This has also made getting ready so much quicker, as now I can grab whatever I come to hands with first without the worry of what I can piece it together with.

If you're not one to 'dress up' on a day-to-day basis with 100% precision going into wardrobe detailing then this is definitely something to consider incorporating into your look. Sweatshirts, white trainers and basic bottoms such as plain skirts and basic bottoms are some of the essentials to make normcore work.

Places like Zara, H&M and ASOS  are good places to find basics to build up your normcore look and infuse the overall attire with a few high end finds.

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