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Hello and thank you for visiting me blog, each and evert reader means the world to me, so I feel like I should add a little context into who I am and why I started this blog.

At 14 I started to model for local photographers who were expanding their work and wanted to do test shoots and advertise themselves, nothing major, just a hobby I did in my spare time. However I really enjoyed the industry and now I am working as a model, with a small agency and freelancing in London. I work with clothing brands and stylists as the face of their new and upcoming collections

During my college years I began creating 'lists' for Shopcade.com displaying hot new trends for online shoppers who were looking for something new and exciting (you can see these lists here). I soon became a 'Top Fashionista' on the sites Hot List and featured in the first print and online book 'Swag Report' from Shopcade (this can be found on the Press/Features page). The monthly book is to display the fashion icons of today chosen by the influencers of the global fashion app. I was soon attending lots of parties with Shopcade, including LFW events and the debut of their 'Style Battle' launch.

I became acquainted with celebrities and people within the fashion industry, such as members of the Made in Chelsea cast, musicians, DJS, and celebrity stylists, including hair guru Lee Stafford.

From here I became a contributing writer for We Are Collision, an online magazine and print bi-monthly, I was interviewing artists, doing restaurant reviews and attending LFW shows to write up all the show reports within the hour of the catwalk events. At the age of 16 I was known by the girls at Company Magazine for attending numerous magazine events and parties with them and gained a reputation for attending fashionable events, meeting fellow bloggers and knowing where to be seen.

At LFW S/S15 I was scouted by swimwear designer Kimberley Garner, to work with her and help with her expanding brand KIMBERLEY LONDON.

I began blogging at the age of 11, just as a documentation of my high school experience, which really lead me to want to have a voice online about the world around me. I wasn't taking the whole blogging thing seriously, it was more of a procrastination tool than anything else. Now as an adult I can truly appreciate the blogosphere and find inspiration in so many places online. I hope you find my blog The Life of Rosie (play on word to The Life of Riley) inspiring and insightful.
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