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Triple Crop
As a blogger there will be multiple times where you write a blog post but for some reason never post it or save it for a day where you have a complete writers block and let it gather dust in the drafts folder... I thought it would be interesting what I was obsessed with three years ago (way before when I first started this blog - I have since gone back and updated everything and started over) and what I was posting. So here lies a vintage post that was inspired my friend Abbie (shoutout to Abbie if you're reading this!) who wanted a style guide for the summer months.This is word for word what I wrote on this blog, many moons ago... But from the looks of things my style really hasn't altered that much! (I'm not sure if that's good or bad..?)

Crop Tops have been an ongoing trend, but continuous trends require a different spin to keep the look original and fresh. This summer the festival season is a great inspiration to bring back a little bit of 1970's festival fashion with a modern rock chick twist. I've looked for high street hits to rock the crops!
I've used one store for each look which has 2 crop tops with 3 co-ordinating items so your crops can be swapped and still look stylish. All imagery is taken directly from the links provided.

River Island - For Going Out
When out and about a simple way to make crops work.

Textured Polka Dot Caped Sleeved Crop Top (£10) • Pastel Lemon Yellow and White Striped Crop Top (£7) • Navy Chunky Cable Knit Jacket (£35) • Gold Chunky Chain Link Necklace (£12) • White Strappy Stilettos (£45)

River Island - For Classic Chic
A Classy way to style your crop.
Black and White Striped Crop Short Sleeved Top (£7) • Dark Green Textured Crop Top (£16) • Black Unfastened Blazer (£45) • Gold Chunky Chain Link Bracelet (£8) • Black Chunky Platform Heels (£60)

Topshop - For Festival Fans
Crop tops and festivals go hand in hand, this is a little inspiration guide to those going away to a festival this year.

Black Button Down White Floral Pattern Crop Strappy Top (£26) • Black Embellished Sleeved Crop Tee (£28) • Hooded Green Parka Jacket (£60) • Chunky Heeled Dark Brown Boots (£90) • Glitter Round Sunglasses (£16)

Topshop - For Girly Girls
Topshop - For Tomboys
If you're not one for pinks, florals or anything frilly these ideas might be a good way to stay true to your style.

White Sleeveless Collared Crop Shirt (£26) • Pale Blue Denim Collared Crop Shirt (£30) • Red and Grey Checked Leggings (£26) • Black Round Sunglasses (£12) • Black Leather Drawstring Backpack (£75)
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