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Photograph of me by Lucy Alice Burt
One of the main questions I get asked is, as a vegan what the hell do I eat? It's a pretty standard question, but one that really baffles me that so many people don't know simple foods that are SFV (safe for vegans) or things that they can find alternatives for and recipes they can adapt. Most people I meet struggle to understand what I have for breakfast, which to me is crazy as I eat the same 'normal' breakfast as everyone else, toast, cereal, fruit, smoothies, porridge, granola, yoghurts... whatever I fancy. So I thought that I would help those who want to know more about everyday vegan foods by showing you my last home delivery order. So keep reading if you want to know WHAT DO VEGANS REALLY EAT?!

Okay, so this post may seem like a bit of a random one, however being a Wednesday I thought this was in the topic of food and it's changed my vegan diet just by changing my supermarket. Now I'm not saying I don't shop in other places, I get my fresh items and things I can't get from Ocado from the other competitors, I like to shop around in multiple places just so I can get exactly what I want for my vegan lifestyle. So no supermarket loyalty from me I'm afraid.

Whilst this may not seem interesting to some, the reason I decided to post this is because I am seriously loving Ocado right now. They have so much variety, things on offer and deals, new things to try and combinations of things I simply can't find anywhere else. So... once a month I will be showing you the list of what I've been buying this month, with links to all the products (I know, I'm so kind).

I also really love food shopping and watching hauls or seeing pictures of what people have bought and cool foods, is that just me? So my monthly order for January & February (I ordered so much this will last me until the end of the month, especially as I had a lot more food in than I realised already)...

Fridge Items:
  1. Alpro Big Pot Vanilla Yoghurt Alternative, 500g - £1.35
  2. Alpro Blackcurrant, Elderflower & Pomegranate Yoghurt Alternative, 4x125g - £1.80
  3. Coconut Collaborative Dairy Free Raspberry Coconut Yoghurt. 120g - £1.50 (Buy Any 2 for £3, I ordered a Blueberry one, which was unavailable so got the Raspberry instead as a substitute item, Saving 19p but got refunded anyway)
  4. Clive's Organic Wholewheat Creamy Mushroom Pie, 235g - £2.55
  5. VBites Cheatin' Streaky Style Rashers, 115g - £2.25
  6. VBites Cheatin' Chicken Style Slices, 100g - £1.43 (Save 20%, Was £1.79, Saving 36p)
  7. VBites Cheatin' Ham Style Slices, 100g - £1.43 (Save 20%, Was £1.79, Saving 36p)
  8. VBites Cheatin' Turkey Style Slices, 100g - £1.43 (Save 20%, Was £1.79, Saving 36p)
  9. VBites Making Waves Fish Style Fingers, 215g - £2.39 (Save 20%, Was £1.79, Saving 60p)
  10. VBites Making Waves Gourmet Fish Style Cakes, 150g - £2.39
  11. VBites Making Waves Smoked Salmon Style Slices, 100g - £1.89
  12. VBites VegiDeli Chicken Style Pieces, 150g - £2.69
  13. VBites VegiDeli Lincolnshire Style Sausages, 295g - £2.69
  14. VBites White Cheese Cheddar Style Cheezly Dairy Free Cheese, 190g - £2.19

Cupboard Items:
  1. Koko Dairy Free Chocolate + Calcium Long Life Milk Alternative, 3x250ml - £1.39
  2. Koko Dairy Free Strawberry + Calcium Long Life Milk Alternative, 3x250ml - £1.39
  3. Alpro Long Life Chocolate Almond Milk Alternatuve, 1L - £1.70
  4. Alpro Long Life Strawberry Shake, 3x250ml - £1.30
  5. Biona Organic Mini Fruit Bears, 75g - £1.79
  6. Doves Farm Organic Digestives Fruity Oat, 200g - £1.15
  7. Eat Real Hummus Chilli & Lemon Flavoured Chips, 135g - £1.90
  8. Eat Real Hummus Creamy Dill Flavoured Chips, 135g - £1.90
  9. Eat Real Hummus Sea Salt Flavoured Chips, 135g - £1.90
  10. Get Fruity Moist Mixed Berry Bar, 4x35g - £1.80 (Save 1/3, Was £2.70, Saving 90p)
  11. Get Fruity Scrumptious Strawberry Bar, 4x35g, £1.80 (Save 1/3, Was £2.70, Saving 90p)
  12. Moo Free Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Bar, 100g - £2.70
  13. Moo Free Crunchy Banana Bar, 100g - £2.70

Freezer Items:
  1. Fry's Braai Country Herb Sausages Frozen, 380g - £2.12 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.33)
  2. Fry's Chicken Style Burgers Frozen, 320g - £1.94 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.21)
  3. Fry's Chicken Style Nuggets Frozen, 380g - £2 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.25)
  4. Fry's Chicken Style Strips Frozen, 380g - £1.94 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.21)
  5. Fry's Country Mushroom Pies Frozen, 2x17g - £3.94 (accidentally ordered two without meaning to, they let me keep the extra one and still refunded me so I only ended up paying £1.97, the original Buy Any 3 for £6 saving was £2.46)
  6. Fry's Crispy Style Prawns Frozen, 250g - £2.15 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.34)
  7. Fry's Pepper Steak Style Pies Frozen, 2x175g - £1.97 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.23)
  8. Fry's Traditional Burgers Frozen, 320g - £1.94 (Buy Any 3 for £6, Saving £1.21)
  9. Quorn Frozen Vegan Pieces, 280g - £2.49
  10. Almond Dream Velvety Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream, 472ml - £4.99
  11. Booja Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate Ice Cream, 100ml - £1.99 
  12. Coconut Collaborative Frozen Yoghurt Raspberry Snowconut, 500ml - £4.99
  13. Swedish Glace Raspberry Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 750ml - £2.20
  14. Real Nice Organic 100% Fruit Banana & Raspberry Smoothie Ice Lollies, 4 - £2.99

Original Total: £116.42
Offers Savings: £15.10
Voucher: £20 Welcome Voucher
Final Total: £81.32 (Not bad for two months worth of food!)

This was my first time ordering with Ocado, and the service I got was unbelievable. I would highly recommend them. The delivery came at the earliest time that it said it would arrive, meaning I wasn't waiting the whole hour slot, I got a free 'welcome tea towel' and the delivery man was very helpful and carried everything in recyclable bags for me. I also called the customer services team about a refund for the substituted items as I didn't want two of the things they had substituted, and would have preferred a refund. They let me keep the items and paid the money back into my account within 2 days. The prices I've included here are the ones I paid in January when I ordered the delivery, this doesn't mean that they are the permanent prices, as deals occur and prices change. This is just a rough guide to show you how much my shop came to.

Whilst some things may seem expensive, I did get nearly everything on offer (which I have bracketed next to the items), and I wanted to try all these new products I had never had or even heard of, so I didn't worry as long as it was vegan and something I liked the look of and wanted to have for dinner or lunch etc.

The receipt had the details of all the items in full, where to store them and when to use them by which I was impressed with as I've had ASDA receipts in the past where I can't tell what anything is as it's mostly blanked out or abbreviated to something that is more like computer code.

I have also had lots of vouchers sent to me related to what I have bought, which is really good as again, with ASDA I have had substitute items which are totally random and nothing to do with what I've ordered and emails about deals on meat and dairy, which shows they don't pay attention to the orders. Ocado sent me two items I had picked and have sent me things that are only vegan and aligned to my preferences from my receipt. This just proves to me their level of service goes above and beyond.
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