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January Wishlist
After the buzz of Christmas and all the January sale shopping, I can't help but compile a list of all the things I need to replace, or stock up on in my life. Entering the wish list... a little insight into what I'm currently loving or wanting and therefore will be adding more of in my life. This month is all about keeping warm for me, as a summer lover I rarely buy warm clothing, however as the weather seems to be lowering rapidly in temperature I can't help but want to hide under a warm cosy blanket with some soft socks and just chill in front of catch up TV. I know... how lazy of me. But it's just so cold!

January Wishlist by b-arose featuring

So this month feels like a boring practical month, where I've either run out of something or don't actually own some of the things I need. So this list is all about the necessities for going about day to day life.

Big Jumpers
January Jumpers

January Jumpers by b-arose featuring

Whilst I have a lot of jumpers already, I need more that can go over jeans, with whatever I'm wearing and keep me warm, rather than just look good. I need more jumpers suited to keeping me warm as it gets colder.


Underwear by b-arose featuring 

With all the travelling I've been doing and moving house, I've been living and dying in sports bras (how un-sexy I know) but as a girl I want to feel beautiful and pretty and I think it's time I went through my underwear collection, throw out what I don't want anymore or doesn't fit in a fabric recycling bank and invest in some new girlie pieces that will make me feel good all day when I wear them.

Warm Blankets  & Cosy Socks
Warm & Cosy
Warm & Cosy by b-arose featuring

Chunky knit blanket, £72  Gray bedding, £37  H M knit blanket  Wool blanket, £140  Cottage bedding, £17  Bed linen  Faux fur blanket  Crate and Barrel grey bedding, £18  DwellStudio brown bedding, £195  Cotton blanket, £15  Knit blanket, £105  American Eagle Outfitters socks, £5.58  Socks, £14  Cable knit socks, £17  Pink socks, £53  Monki ankle socks

Staying with Connor in Sheffield is great for me because it's like a mini break from everything else back home, I'm up in the midlands enjoying the Peak District and spending quality time with him, cooking and cuddling up, catching up on TV... but it is cold. To save money and the environment the heater we have is on a timer, so it only stays on until the room reaches 'optimum temperature' (the temperature you set it for the room to be). Then it switches off. Which is great because it's economical, however it does mean you can wake up in the morning feeling a bit chilly. So I think I need to get some more throws and blankets and especially need some more socks to make sure my feet stay nice and toasty.

iPhone 6 Case
Smartphone Cases

I am a huge fan of cases, purely because they protect your valuables but also because you can get some super cute designs that say something about your personality or reflect your style. I dropped my phone in it's case and the side of the case cracked on the bottom left corner. Everything was fine but the crack kept catching on things, which really annoyed me, so I took a chip of the plastic off to prevent it from threading my clothes, which now means I need a new case to protect my phone, as I've had that one case since I got my phone a long while back and it's now served it's time.

Canvas Trainers
Canvas Trainers

Canvas Trainers by b-arose featuring

I love my high heels, I wear them everyday, however with all the errands that come with moving house, it's quicker and easier when wearing comfy flats. Now I do love the casual look from time to time, I don't think it suits me as well, however I want to take the plunge and buy some casual trainers that I have been eyeing up for a long, long time. I just want some nice canvas trainers to throw on with jeans and my faux leather jacket, which will be great when the warmer weather comes and I will be going on long summery walks with Connor.

So there you have it! My first wish list for the year, I hope you found some inspiration in there somewhere, and I will be back with another wish list in February. But until then expect more fashion related posts every Monday, here on The Life of Rosie.
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