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Oversized Sweater (Contest Entry)

If there's one thing I've learnt in fashion is the importance of investing. Even in the most basic of products. Simplicity is key. So when it comes to the awkward autumnal months where it's impossible to tell if you need a jacket I find the best solution is the oversized 'sweater' - I used the ' ' marks because I am English and that means the word sweater feels a bit of an alien description for what to us Brits is of course a jumper.

As mentioned in my previous post about my obsession with Normcore (if you haven't already, you can read it here) the classic minimalistic approach to dressing has always been one I have admired and it wasn't until a recent impulse trip to Primark with my boyfriend that landed me with the realisation, that an easy way to always look 'on point' during Autumn is to whack on a classic oversized jumper. I ended up buying a light caramel brown and a plain black baggy oversized jumper (purely because I hadn't packed enough warm clothing for my week stay at his place), and fell in love with the easy connivence of being able to pair them with everything! From skirts, ripped jeans, oversized jackets, heels, flat pumps, with shirts or on there own, these jumpers have changed my wardrobe to an infinite combination of stylish possibilities.

I'm looking forward to co-ordinating these with thigh boots, statement necklaces, simple pendants, stilettos, long coats, oversized scarves, hats - basically anything in my wardrobe that I can work them with for a never ending collection of new outfits, all centred around one key item. 

So whether you're always running late, someone who hates trying to match a series of outfits together for the week or have a busy lifestyle where dressing for multiple occasions is crucial to you, invest in as many of these wardrobe staples as possible. You will not regret it.

Mine weren't expensive at all (thank you Primark), at £12 each I managed to pick up some of my easily most used items. However if you feel that this is going to be your year-in-year-out 'go to' I would say pick some quality knitwear from brands that you trust the quality of.

Why Oversized Jumpers Are The Time Saving Fashion Essential You Need to Invest In
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  1. Now I know what I'm wearing to work today! <3

  2. I need to find me a few in various colours! Lazy but lovely wardrobe here I come!

    1. I love that 'Lazy but lovely wardrobe here I come!' *thumbs up*