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Happy Valentines Day! Whether you're single or loved up, I hope that you have had an amazing weekend.
So with all the lovey dove stuff aside, this week has been a pretty chilled one. I've been staying at Connor's in Sheffield and the weather is pretty horrid here, so I've been laying low in his room mostly, eating loads of food as always (I really need to stop eating all the time aha!) however my tip for this week is: in order to keep your food shopping cheap, buy ingredients that make multiple meals and decide what ingredients you're going to be buying, by making a seven day meal plan! It's a great way to make sure nothing goes to waste and you make a variety of meals with as little components as possible!

Here's The Week In Pictures #6...
I'm always drooling over how cool the stuff in Urban Outfitters Home section is, and this weeks display got me so excited about Valentines Day! • I can think of worse ways to wake up on a Sunday! This gorgeous bra is what Connor got me as my Valentines present, along with the most perfect pug card!!!! 
So I really haven't remembered to take many pictures this week, which is shameful. So I will have to make more effort to get photos up on my social media! And make more effort to take better quality photographs!  
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