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Romantic Mini Break

You may be surprising your loved one with a little trip away from your usual surroundings to spend some quality alone time together, or perhaps you're the one being whisked off. Either way it's important to pack as minimal as possible. It's unlikely you will be spending a lot of time in the outside world, surrounded with nature. Perhaps a cosy beachside B&B, or a spa retreat or even a Parisian city escape. Either way, there are a few essentials that should be in your holdall with you...
Okay so let's start simply. You're going to want to break your items down into the four categories, The Main Items, The Hand Luggage, The Beauty Bits and finally The Luxury Optionals - which are things you want but don't need per-say and are maybe more difficult to pack.

So start by laying your items out onto your bed and divide them into your categories, making sure that in each you have something along the lines of the following...

The Main Items:

Valentines Day Outfit
As pointed out before, you aren't going to need a lot for a few days, so want to think of two casual outfits, a dressy kind of going out outfit, something to wear to bed/around your accommodation and some comfy but cute little pumps that are easy to slip into your bag if you do go for a nice walk or something.

1. Underwear you feel your best in - A romantic trip means you want to feel your best. So it's important to buy underwear that make you feel sexy, slim, that fits you perfectly and flatters your figure. Buy what makes you feel happy and that confidence will make you look amazing.
V Day Bras

2. PJ's or something casual to wear when not in bed - You (probably) won't be spending your whole time in bed, so make sure you have some form of PJ or something just to wear to answer the door to room service, or to lounge around in if you're at a relaxing retreat.
3. A going out dress / outfit - There's a strong chance, if not certainty that you will be going out for dinner, so it's nice to have a sexy dress or beautiful outfit that makes you feel stunning and look gorgeous and glamourous. It's your chance to dress up and feel adored by your loved one, with their eyes all over you. So make sure you're happy with this choice, be it a dress, a skirt and blouse. Whatever makes you feel good.
4. A pair of heels - Now with the nice dinner outfit you're going to need a pair of heels so pop a co-ordinating pair of heels in your luggage and make sure you can walk in them confidently. There is nothing more embarrassing than not being able to walk properly in your shoes. You're partner doesn't want to hear Bambi on ice complaining about their feet hurting.
V Day Heels

The Hand Luggage:
Hand Luggage

Now this part is going to be so small it's almost non-existent, but there are a few things you may wish to pack with you, just in case.

1. A Jumper - The weather can be so unpredictable these days (no thanks to Global Warming) so it's always wise to have a jumper, JUST IN CASE. The beach can get cold at night, and romantic stroll will be less romantic if you're shivering through your cold clothing choices.
Lovely Jumpers

2. Ballerina slippers (Wear these whilst travelling so you don't have to pack them) - The reason I suggest some form of pump is that they are light, compact and easy to pop into a holdall. You really don't want to be taking loads of clothing and unnecessary items, so keep your shoes down to a minimum. These need to be suitable for everyday purposes, such as shopping, a long walk and just out and about to make sure you're not blistering your feet.
Ballerina Pumps

3. Warm Socks - You never know when these are going to be handy.

Loveheart Socks

J.Crew j crew socks, £15 • Fleece socks, £12 • Heynew cotton socks, £6.18 • J.Crew j crew socks, £3.47 • Aéropostale pink socks, £2.43 • MITU black socks, £5.21 • Black socks

4. A Small Evening Bag - For an evening out or going somewhere 'fancy' you don't want to lug a big handbag with you.
Evening Clutch

Probably the more exciting part of packing for some, choosing what makeup to bring with you is essential for getting the right essence of your look each day. For that extra romantic touch to your outfit, the obvious partners are...

1. Foundation - Foundation can sometimes be a girl's best friend. Go for a healthy glowing look with a full coverage foundation. 

2. Highlighter - Highlighter is perfect for accentuating your cheekbones and the shape of your face when having a romantic evening in, a candlelit dinner or a midnight stroll.

3. Rosy Blusher - For the more casual days, glowing cheeks are a way to give your face a cute touch up and add colour without looking over the top.

4. Red Lipstick & Liner - For that extra Va-Va-Voom, add a coat of red to your lips, especially for your evening's out. It's the perfect touch of glamorous power your look needs, but make sure to carry it with you for touch ups.
Red Lips

The Luxury Optionals:

Now these bits are suggested items for your evening outfit to polish it off, these can be as big and as bold as you want, but if you're not much of a diamonds and tiaras kind of girl then you can of course go without.

1. Earrings -  Earrings are an easy way to make you feel a bit more girly and glamorous without having anything dangling in your way (unless you want dangly earrings of course). All the earrings, bracelets and rings I have tried to make, as always, as wide ranging in style, price and colours so there's something for whatever mood or taste you fancy.
Lovely Earrings

2. Bracelets -  Bracelets are one of my favourite subtle accessories, however this is your chance to decorate an outfit however you please and make your hands look all the more appealing. 
3. Rings - Whether your waiting for one or already own a rock on your finger, rings are a great way of drawing attention to your hands, a sensual and intimate part of the body. Splashing out on the fanciest diamond isn't always the solution to looking classy and expensive. You may prefer to have something smaller and dainty if you have smaller hands.
Ring Leaders

And there you have it! My ultimate packing guide of little essentials when it comes to a romantic mini break! I hope you found this some-what-helpful and liked my suggestions.

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