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TUPG: Beach Break

For me the sign of summer is the ability to bring out the bikinis from the back of my drawers, wear pretty dresses with bare legs and not worry about wearing waterproof shoes. For those of you who are lucky enough to be jetting off to feel the sand between your toes, here's a condensed packing guide to keep your luggage as light as possible!

So it's easy to overpack at the best of times, but beach breaks really should be about bringing as little as possible, you're barely going to have to worry about layers, and having lots of accessories, it's more about a few weightless items that you can chuck in a beach bag and go!

The Main Items:
Whilst some of you going to be booking your summer holidays ready for the upcoming months, but what are the must have essentials..? Apart from the obvious such as a waterproof beach bag, a towel and your tickets... here are my must haves when it comes to hitting the beach!

1. Bikini's & Swimsuits - Probably the best part about going on a beach break, apart from actually being there is the part where you get to buy lots of new bikinis and swimsuits. Every year I buy more, usually because I've gone up a cup size or I see one that is too good a price to resist. I would advise to pack as much variety as possible to keep your look fresh, avoiding tan lines and looking nice in your holiday snaps!
Swim In It

2. Summer Shorts - Summer is all about the denim shorts. For me, probably one of my favourite items of clothing in general, so when I'm not wearing a dress, I'm wearing a pair of these. I like to opt for light denim, personally I think it works better for summer outfits.
Who Likes Shorts Shorts

3. Crop Tops - You've been perfecting your beach body, getting 'summer ready' why hide it all away? This is the one time where you don't have to hide behind hundreds of layers of clothing and can show off all your hard work!
Crop That Top

Crop top, £57 • Red shirt • Billabong white crop top, £14 • Crop top, £13 • Topshop white shirt, £2.84 • Miss Selfridge top, £9.94 • Topshop crop top, £2.84 • Crop top, £5.97 • Sleeveless top, £6.60 • Red shirt • Topshop crop top • Crop top • Topshop white crop top • Crop top • Red crop top • River Island top

4. Sandals - Let your toes breathe! I love my ankle boots, but a good old pair of flip flops and strappy sandals are a refreshing breather from the warm socks and double layers of tights that have kept my toes captive during the winter months...
Super Sandals

The Hand Luggage:
Yellow and White

Now you won't be wanting to take too much to the beach for the risk of it getting sandy and wet, and you want to have plenty of room for a towel. However there are a few things now to miss when packing...

1. Sunglasses - It is vitally important to protect your eyes from sun damage, so grab yourself some snazzy shades to hide your party rings that are under your eyes and avoid wearing make up for a bit with some protective sunglasses!

2. A Sun Hat - Again, it's important not to overheat or get sun/heat stroke when out in the warmest parts of the day and lounging around tanning for hours on end. Make sure you have a hat with you to keep you nice and cool.
Sun Hats

3. Comfortable Strappy Dresses - It's always good to have a nice strappy dress to hand in case you want to pop out for a bit, get away from the tourists on the beach or leave the hotel for a wander to find bottles of water at your local super market. 
Strappy Dresses

4. Loose T-Shirts - Whilst you may want to make the most of the suns rays, it's important to protect your shoulders from time to time and pop on a loose T-Shirt to protect yourself from burning!
Loose T
Lacoste jersey shirt, £36 • MANGO pocket t shirt, £14 • Short sleeve top, £8.97 • Logo t shirt, £28 • Short sleeve top, £10 • Chicnova Fashion pink shirt, £14 • Blue top, £27 • H M v neck t shirt

The Beauty Bits:
Beauty For The Beach

1. Sun Protection - It's vital to make sure you have some sunscreen on when it's hot and sunny, skin cancer is a real thing and should not be left to chance. Keep yourself topped up with a strong factor and re-apply after a few hours and especially after getting out of water.
Protect Yourself

Beach beauty is all about relaxed beauty, beach babes are rocking that natural surfer chick vibe with sea salted hair and sun kissed skin... yet you don't want your sun kisses to be leaving your skin damaged from all the UV exposure. So make sure you have plenty of protection.

2. After Sun - Even if you haven't been burnt by the sun, it's important to keep your skin cool and hydrated, so in the evenings massage some aftersun in your skin to keep your tan as patch-less as possible and give you an even glowing complexion to your skin.
After Sun

3. Lipbalm - There's nothing worse than chapped lips, when your jumping in and out of the sea, walking about in hot weather and eating ice lollies we forget to keep our lips moisturised with extra SPF. Summer romances won't blossom if your lips are peeling and flaky now are they!
Lip It Up

4. BB Cream - I don't like to wear make up when I'm on holiday, unless I'm going out in the evening or somewhere particularly special, however to keep your skin hydrated and make sure you even out any red patches on your face, use a hydrating BB cream to keep your blemished skin at bay without a cakey layer of heavy foundation. Make sure it has an SPF in it because of course your skin is being exposed to sun - CC and DD creams also work just as well.
BB Creams

The Luxury Optionals:

Now you won't wanting to be wearing your best rocks when your sitting on the ones at the beach, however in the evenings there's no better way to accessorise a tan than with a bit of gold on your wrist and decorating your collar bones. 

1. Bracelets & Bangles - I'm not a big jewellery wearer at the best of times, so for me wearing a tonne of jewellery when I'm holiday is my idea of a nightmare. However it can be nice in the evenings to pop on some light bracelets or bangles to jazz up your summer dress.
Blue and Black Bracelets

2.  Dainty Necklaces - Necklaces for me often get in the way, however a very small/thin necklace can really set off a shoulder-less maxi dress or a boob tube top.
Dainty Necklaces
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