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The Valentines Guide For Him

It's that romantic time of year where shops are filled with walls of red and pink cards, there are balloons, boxes of chocolates at an expensive price and loads of tacky gifts that you would never give to someone at any other time of the year, so why on Valentines Day? I have created a quick gift guide for every type of guy, whether he's sporty or likes staying in, whether he loves to travel or try new foods, whether he shops better than you and likes looking good or doesn't have a clue what clothes he actually needs.

This gift guide has various items to suit everyone's budget, whether you want to save for something special or get a few little gifts. The suggestions you are about to see are to inspire you with ideas.

For The Guy Who Loves Keeping Fit & Active

Your guy is always on the move, playing sport, being outside, keeping fit, whatever it is that keeps him active and healthy. Your guy is not one to sit around and laze about. He's all about being on-the-go, looking after his body and having fun. Here are some ideas for the guy who loves exercising and keeping fit...

For The Guy Who Loves Keeping Fit & Active

For The Guy Who Loves Food

Your guy is a total foodie, whether he likes cooking or not. It doesn't matter if it's eating out or finding cool new hangouts to try new cuisines, going to food markets, pick your own or simply cooking lots at home (or eating all your cooking) - this guy's passion is the taste and creation of amazing meals. Here are some gifts that may tickle his taste buds into cooking you something scrumptuous...
For The Guy Who Loves Food

For The Guy Who Loves Looking Good

Your guy may be in the running to having better dress sense than you, he always looks immaculate and won't leave the house without making sure he looks good to his standards. Whilst others may swoon over his clothes and good looks, you know that this guy is all yours. Here are some fashionable items to keep up with your trendsetter...

For Guys Who Loves To Look Good

6397 oversized white shirt  Breton striped shirt  Crewneck tee, £4.13  YOUR TURN Pyjama bottoms dark blue • Gucci real leather shoes  Carvela Kurt Geiger golden boots  Ray-Ban tortoiseshell glasses, £79  Czech & Speake Gold Plated Manicure Set  AllSaints Hitch Belt, £62  GANT Diamond G Men's Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt  Wrangler Men's Jackets Flannel Lined Denim Jacket, £38  Men's Magnetic Hematite Round Bead Stretch Bracelet 7mm 8mm, £8.26  Skincare  Aesop body moisturizer  Christian Dior bath body product, £38  Tom Ford bath body product  Lab Series anti perspirant deodorant, £12  Tigi Tigi Bed Head B For Men Clean Up Peppermint Conditioner, £23  TIGI home decor, £15  Chronicle Books home decor, £21

For The Guy Who Loves Staying In

Your guy is so laid back he could be horizontal, your weekends include staying in on a Saturday night watching the best of late night TV and going out for you is the cinema and maybe a meal in a cute restaurant. He's not into busy places or large parties, he'd much rather cuddle up on the sofa with you and eat snacks whilst watching films. He's some ideas to make staying in all the more special...
For The Guy Who Loves Travelling

Your guy has been all around the world and back (okay not quite - but he would if he could). He's always up for a holiday, loves foreign cultures and doing things that are slightly outside the tourist zones. He's into reading good books, learning languages, taking photos or maybe just a bit of plain old sight seeing. Whatever way he loves to consume different aspects of the world, here are some gifts for your travel bug...

For The Guy Who Loves To Travel
Coach Men's Polished Retro Overnight Duffle Bag 71393, £450  Leather pouch, £335  GLOBE-TROTTER Jet leather passport sleeve  Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag  Monica Vinader initial jewelry, £83  Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses, £81  Illesteva Leonard II Black with Green, £200  Comme des Garcons Classic Zip-Top Pouch, £68 • PTM Images moon wall art, £220  White wall art, £200  Vintage wall art, £125  Coach Bleecker Leather A5 Notebook, £115  Battery operated clock, £83  Christofle japanese chopstick, £76  Americanflat word wall art, £76  Versace black flatware, £65  Sloane Stationery - Between the Lines Notebook Black, £41  Wall decal, £27  Me and My Trend Notebook, £11  Kate Spade gold office supply, £17  Large Jotter Notebook, £14  BRIKA Write Notebook Brown By, £14  Constellations Notebook (Set of 2)  Lowball glass, £5.16

For The Guy Who Loves You

Your guy would like nothing better than a night in with you... he's all about your company on Valentines Day and isn't up for sharing...

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