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Valentines Gifts For Her

Valentines Day, unfortunately is more of a commercialised scheme to convince us that in order to show we care we need to spend x amount of money on our loved ones. This isn't true, as all girls know (or at least should) that money does not buy love, however as it is a nice day to celebrate with your special someone it isn't a bad idea getting them something that shows you understand their interests and what they love by buying them a gift that reflects their personality. This is the secret to being good at gifts. The idea of being showered in red roses, teddy bears and chocolates, although sweetly romantic in films is all too cliche and overrated. What girls really want are personal gifts that mean something to them/you as a couple or something that they have hinted to you at multiple times and explained they liked. Can't remember what all those not-so-subtle hints were? Don't worry, I have a gift guide here full of ideas and inspirations for every type of girl from home accessories to fashion accessories, makeup to stationery, baking gadgets to technology gadgets, nail polishes to jewellery. It's all here, panic not, and it's all online so you don't even need to rush out and buy anything. Sit back and relax... 

Here is my Valentines inspired guide - which includes 12 individual boards of inspiration for 12 different types of girl with gifts that should hopefully cater to every kind of budget, whether your saving the pennies for a rainy day or are willing to go all out on a big blowout spend. The fact if it is expensive or not is not what matters, it's finding something that she will like and have pride and joy in when she uses it.

For The Girl Who Loves Being Girly

Your girl is into all things super cute and well girly. Pink is probably their favourite colour in the entire world and they always look adorable. They love dresses and getting glammed up, and you have no idea how to buy for someone who's this obsessed with 'girls stuff'...
For The Girls Who Love Being Girly

Rochas see through dress, £930  RED Valentino mini dress  Ted Baker see through dress, £155 • BCBGMAXAZRIA strapless dress  Chi Chi strapless dress  Pink dress  Polo Ralph Lauren pink sweater, £105  Alexander McQueen short skirt  Chicwish high waisted skirt, £24  Alexander McQueen short boots, £345  Casadei high heel shoes, £315  Yves Saint Laurent high heel shoes  Karen Walker cat-eye glasses, £72  Le Specs round sunglasses  Le Specs round sunglasses  Miss Selfridge hair accessory  Topshop hair accessory  Charlotte Tilbury palette eyeshadow  Burberry lips makeup, £21  Christian Dior lip makeup  NARS Cosmetics toiletry kit  Clinique face cleanser, £19  Soap Glory body moisturizer, £2.75  Charlotte Tilbury gift sets kit  RGB pink nail polish  Nails Inc nail polish  Essie nail polish, £5.85  Essie nail polish

For The Girl Who Loves Clothes

Your girl always looks good, wears her best outfits and is always shopping. She's got a wardrobe bigger than the collection of clothes backstage at London Fashion Week and still wants more. You want to get her something nice that she can wear all the time and think of you, something that can be worn for your evening meal and great for most dates and occasions, but what do you choose...

For The Girl Who Loves Clothes

For The Girl Who Loves Cooking

Your girl is the most amazing cook, be it baking delicious treats, or gourmet level meals when you come home from work or even experimenting with new recipes, she knows how to make the best food for any occasion. She's always making everyone feel at home with her food, offering plates of homemade cookies and flapjacks but what do you get her? What does she need? What does she want? You have no idea...

For The Girl Who Loves Cooking

For The Girl Who Loves Designer Labels

Your girl's wardrobe is like a designer sample sale, it's full the the brim of the latest trends and fashions. She knows everything their is to know about what's in season and all her makeup is by the top brands, she has expensive taste, be it perfume, nail varnishes, her shoes, everything. It's all from the biggest names in fashion and she knows the difference between Pucci and Gucci, highstreet and high end all of which you have no clue who's Valentino and who's Vivienne Westwood...

For The Girl Who Loves Designer Labels

For The Girl Who Loves Going Out

Your girl loves nothing more than a night out dressed to the nines. She could be an extra on the set of The Great Gatsby, partying in the finest clothes and accessories to match, her makeup is always done to perfection and she loves a little bit of sparkle to finish off her look. How do you buy for someone so fine tuned with their look...

For The Girl Who Loves Homeware

Your girl could be an interior decorator with how stylish she keeps her home. Everything is neat and tidy and in place and everything has to match. She likes cute little accessories that may not always be the most practical but they look good on the side. She likes to change her home seasonally and has all the perfect decor for every time of year...

For The Girl Who Loves Jewellery

Your girl is all about beautiful things, especially bling. Diamonds have always been this girls best friend, dainty necklaces and rings are her thing. She loves bracelets and bangles, anything shiny, she's like a magpie with excellent taste in pretty items. Silver, gold, rose gold, which to choose!

For The Girl Who Loves Makeup

Your girl owns Boots, Superdrug, Sephora and a whole other pharmacy of stuff in her beauty collection. Her handbag is always equipped with makeup, there's bags of the stuff, but that doesn't mean her collection has ended. You know she always wants more makeup, but which items to pick...

For The Girl Who Loves Makeup

Christian Dior lip care, £23  Bare Escentuals lip care  Bare Escentuals lip care  Bare Escentuals lip care  Monsoon travel kit, £7.92  Yves Saint Laurent structured handbag  Forever 21 woven handbag, £11  Nars cosmetic, £40  Chantecaille pink blush  Smashbox face powder, £22  Guerlain tinted moisturizer  Too Faced Cosmetics tinted moisturizer, £23  Tarte makeup, £22  Bobbi brown cosmetic, £32  Yves Saint Laurent lips makeup, £22  Smashbox makeup brush, £20  Yves Saint Laurent glitter lipstick, £28  Givenchy foundation  Bobbi brown cosmetic  Bobbi brown cosmetic  Tory Burch gold lipstick, £22  Stila lips makeup, £14  Illamasqua lips makeup, £16  Anna Sui tinted moisturizer, £19  Orange lipstick, £69  Chanel lipstick, £25  NARS Cosmetics lips makeup, £18  Bobbi brown cosmetic  Lips makeup  Lip gloss makeup  Topshop cream blush, £5.51  Cream makeup, £4.13  Gucci lips makeup  Pink lipstick  Christian Dior lips makeup, £24  Jane Iredale lips makeup, £7.57  NARS Cosmetics lips makeup, £22  NARS Cosmetics lips makeup

For The Girl Who Loves Nail Polish

Your girl wouldn't leave the house with a chipped nail, she owns so many colours and different types of nail varnish, she could open he down salon! She changes her nail colours more often then her outfit choices, with perfectly shaped nails. Which colour will she be wearing on Valentines Day...

For The Girl Who Loves Stationery

Your girl is organised to military precision. She has a notebook for every type of list you could image and every type of thought process of trail of ideas she can come up with. Highlighters are ah-maaaaa-zing, and colouring pencils are not just for children. She still loves sparkly pens, anything that canseparate her folders and if she could own one shop it would be Paperchase...
For The Girl Who Loves Stationery

Pencil eyeliner, £14  Ginger Brown brown picture frame, £190  Smythson Panama "Tying the Knot" Notebook, £58  Ted Baker trinket box, £37  Kate Spade 2016 17-Month Large Agenda- Quick And Curious, £21  Writing pen, £21  Lilly Pulitzer Large 17 Month Spiral Agenda, Wild Confetti, £19  Colored pen, £7.05  Ted Baker home decor, £16  I am a colored pencil, £13  ROSANNEBECK STATIONERY Luxe Notepad - Vintage Floral, £6.87  kate spade new york Spiral Notebook - "So Well Composed"  Paper Raven Co. Evening Floral To-do List Notepad 50 Pages Blue, Pink,..., £10  Sugar Paper Metallic Polka Dot Notebook  Pastel Paradise Palms Notebook (set of 2)  Spiral Notebooks: Kate Spade, Ban.Do, Ecojot... |, £8.92  kate spade new york "It's Written in the Stars" Mini Notebook  kate spade new york "Pretty Little Thing" Mini Notebook  Vera Bradley pink pen, £8.26  Vera Bradley Mini Notebook with Pocket in Pixie Blooms, £5.78  Embossed Journal Hello Lovely, Pearl Pink, £8.26  Charlotte Day Pack of 2 A5 Summer Blooms Notebooks  Writing pen, £6.85  Forever 21 colored pen, £5.44  Plain B5 Spiral Notebook Pink, £4.82  Black ink pen, £4.15  Office accessory  Refillable notebook, £3.37  Office accessory  Pink Rose Notebook Spiral Bound 4x6in  Office accessory  Small Embossed Journal Great Love Chalk Pink  Uni-ball Signo Sparkling Glitter UM-120SP Gel Pen 1.0 mm Pink, £1.31  Girl Talk Pen Set of 3, £9.64 : Leegoal Canvas Pen Bag Pencil Case, Brand New, Different..., £1.30

For The Girl Who Loves Staying In

Your girl enjoys the simpler things in life, she hates crowded rooms and loud venues, you could take her out for dinner in a fancy restaurant but she would much rather and highly appreciate you cooking her a romantic meal and snuggling up on the sofa with snack watching that film that she has been nagging you to watch. It's time to let her choose any film she wants and enjoy one of these...

For The Girl Who Loves Staying In

Monki peach sweater, £4.51  Sweat top, £41  Dorothy Perkins square shirt, £19  Topshop socks, £4.13  Agent Provocateur Luna Short Slip Red  Converse pink canvas shoes  MAC Cosmetics liquid foundation makeup  Sara Happ lip treatment, £17  Topshop lip treatment  Eos lip treatment, £3.37  Butter London bright red nail polish, £10  Essie pale pink nail polish, £5.85  Wall art  Cedar candle, £19  Bloomingville stoneware mug set  Moon and Lola wizard of oz coffee mug, £19

For The Girl Who Loves Technology

Your girl is obsessed with the new iPhone updates, has always got some form of gadget in front of her and accessorises her phone as if it's about to hit the runway. She loves making a statement with her technology choices, but what will she go for next...

For Girls Who Love Technology

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  1. Why is it all so expensive that's ridiculous! I don't get it?! Whose going to spend that much?! What boys are you dating? I feel bad for him