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Easter Mood Board

Okay so maybe this is the opposite of a food post, however I find that sugar is one of the hardest things to give up, especially for girls when Mother Nature is soon to pop in for a visit. However Easter seems to be a time when people let any good habits they have cultivated go to pot and let the premise of sugar make them slide into unhealthy habits. But this doesn't have to be the case...

You can easily celebrate Easter without having to fill your face with the horrible animal products that come with eating copious amounts of Easter eggs and enjoy the animals in a cruelty-free and even cuter way. Shop my little gift guide to surviving Easter without breaking the sugar ban.

For Those With Children
Easter for Kids

Easter is a really exciting time for children, like all festivities and holidays there's something to look forward to. However with children's health and development being crucial to proper growth and a healthy mindset when it comes to food, you can help lead by example and help yourself by making Easter a holiday that isn't driven by chocolate. As after all that's not why some of us celebrate it. Something as simple as buying polystyrene Easter eggs and painting them fun colours and leaving them to dry on the cute egg tray and making healthy snacks like raisin biscuits or a sugar-free cake and having a more DIY hands on approach is not only more fun for the children but distracts away from the whole premise of chocolate.

For Those With An Addiction To Home Accessories
Easter Home Decor

As you may or may not already know by now, I have a thing about home stuff, I love it. I am obsessed with little accessories to just add a little pizazz to any room, shelf, sideboard or table surface. But that doesn't mean you have to leave temptation around to decorate your sideboards. Leave the chocolate eggs alone and go for a more floral them and get in the spring time spirit with pretty pinks and pastel colours that make you feel all excited for the season. Sugar is not as beautiful as a flower arrangement - repeat that if all else fails.

For Those With a More 'Adult' Easter in Mind...
Easter Bunny

Who says Easter is just for children? Why let the opportunity to enjoy your own fantasy go to waste? If you're slightly 'too old' to be decorating your home like the Easter Bunny's cave, become your own Easter Bunny in the bedroom with these ideas...

For Those With a Love for Cute Clothing Items
Cute Easter Items

Nothing says 'adorable' more than Easter themed items. I'm a fan of subtlety so for me incorporating Easter as a theme to my wardrobe would usually just be with pastel colours and maybe something a bit more floral. However I found these t-shirts and socks and thought they were such a simple but sweet way to say hi to the celebrations.

And there you have it! A way to enjoy Easter without all the guilt of overloading on sugar.  Like I said at the start of this post, not really food themed, but a way to keep you away from it I suppose!

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