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Photograph of me by Lucy Alice Burt

I think one of the keys to me always managing to stay (roughly) the same size, not having to worry about crash diets or losing loads of weight is all down to one thing. My consumption of alcohol. I don't consume any. Now that might seem 'shocking' as most people cannot believe that a girl of my age who's been to university, lived in London and is pretty social can go out clubbing until 4am sober as a rock. Well it's true. But I believe this is my ultimate health power - aside from veganism of course!

So the first question you're probably asking is 'Why don't you drink?!' Well the answer is really simple... I never wanted to. As a child the smell of alcohol always disgusted me, it was something that I saw as really vile and this thought never left me growing up. I didn't see the logic in paying absurd amounts of money to make yourself sick, out of control of your body and damaging it all at the same time. It just didn't make sense to me. The temptation to get drunk or drink until I was off my face was never one that excited me or drove me to be a teenage rebel. I was perfectly happy being in control of my actions and how I was without paying to destroy my insides slowly.
The fact that I have a huge phobia of sick, people being sick, the smell, myself being sick - the whole nine yards was also another reason I never drank. I just didn't want to get drunk.

As much as I love partying and going out all night until early hours of the morning I have never felt I needed an aid to get my buzzed for the night out, to be able to enjoy my self fully and throw myself into new social situations. I am perfectly comfortable as I am without the alcohol, as I can quite easily talk to whoever I want, dance until my feet feel as though they are about to fall off and break and stay awake the whole time. So why do I need the alcohol? I don't.

Which amazes and impresses people whenever they see me in clubs, something that although feels good to hear is also incredibly sad at the same time. That people feel the need to add such a toxic drink to their bodies in order to have fun and really enjoy themselves.... And yes before you ask I have tried alcohol and no I do not like the taste. And yes I am being serious. I cannot stand the taste of any alcohol. Growing up as a teenager in England involved all of my friends trying to get me to love alcohol by trying every type of drink you can imagine. Unfortunately for them it didn't 
work, which is fortunate for me as I have never had a hangover, been sick or gained a shed load of weight when I hit my college and university years.

This is one of the main reasons that this is one of my greatest health secrets, I don't drink empty calories. If I am to have a drink that it isn't water then I am having it for the sugar, as I do not consume enough otherwise for me to get through the day without my blood sugar levels dropping really low and making my faint or feel as though I am going to. Alcohol makes you gain SO much weight, which if you've never noticed before or seen that as a reason you look bigger than you used to, go through your social media, find photos of you on Facebook pre-drinking or your friends and you will see a huge difference.

Empty calories are not good for you, they provide no nutritional benefit to your body and are the main reason you gain weight. So if you want to shift the pounds then say goodbye to your drinking habit. 

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