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It's a right of passage for all bloggers and YouTubers to do some sort of cringe introduction, so I thought that I would get both out the way in one post. So hi. I'm Ashlee-Rose, a half English, half Brazilian studying fashion in England's mighty capital city. I'm a vegan, who lives a low FODMAP diet and loves working out, shopping and having one duvet day a week away from my busy life to watch Netflix and YouTube. I guess that's the basic's you need to know for now.

This blog will be exploring all areas of my lifestyle in terms of fashion, love, sex & relationships, food, days in my diary, health & fitness and finally travel. Each day will follow a theme of the topics aforementioned and delve into the issues and popular questions that are circulating in our society as well as through my life story (so expect a lot of reading and debate, I'm not here just to stand and look pretty).

My blogging and Youtube schedule - permitted everything else in my life is in order - should be the following days at 9am GMT:

Mondays - Fashion & Style & Inspirations (most likely to be wish lists and photos)

Tuesdays - Lifestyle YouTube Upload (hauls / empties / favourites videos)

Wednesday - Vegan Foodie Type Stuff (most likely to be new things I'm trying or advice)

Thursdays - Lifestyle YouTube Upload (throwback vlogs, tag videos and challenges)

Fridays - Health & Fitness (various posts on exercise, weight, health both physical and mental (such as dealing with depression, anxiety and eating disorders) and possibly a few little rants)

Saturdays - Travel (photo diaries and looking back on experiences)

Sundays - The Week in Photos & The Weekly Vlog (explains itself there)

I can't promise that I will be blogging every day, as somethings may crop up, however these are the posts that will be up on those days as often as possible!

I hope you enjoy keeping up to date with The Life of Rosie, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and follow my social media links in the side bar.

Any likeness or mirroring of other sites is not done on purpose and is purely coincidental. All links for images I have used that aren't my own will be posted so you can see the exact source I used. 

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