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Well it's a brand new year, which means that a new chapter has opened, giving the chance to reflect on the previous 365 days and optimistically look upon the next 365 with self-evaluation and the willingness to grow and develop from past mistakes.

For me personally it's been one roller coaster year - I've never had so many ups, downs and challenges I can't wait to turn 2016 into a year of positivity and happiness. In order for that to happen, I am going to be making 16 resolutions for this year that I feel will help me continue on a positive journey from here on out.

These resolutions aren't in a particular order for me, I've just made a simple list of things that I feel I need to reflect more on this year, make more effort for and 

Resolution Number 1: To have a clear routine, with structured outline to my day and better use of time management.
I'm someone who is usually pretty organised. I always have my diary to hand, ready to schedule in as many appointments as possible and really make the most out of my week. However I find that as of late, I've been all over the place with my routine, moving houses, seeing Connor in Sheffield and it's put everything out of synch. So it's time for me to reset my body clock back into it's older and wiser habits and develop a schedule where I can maximise my day without exhausting myself and running ragged. I used to have six hectic days of the week and one duvet day as I called it, which was fine but I felt myself relying on that one day of the week to completely shut down and do nothing but snooze and watch endless episodes of TV on Netflix. Now I want to break my day up with smaller more manageable tasks and reward myself with small chunks of chill out time once I have completed the things I need to get done.

Resolution Number 2: To use this routine to maximise my productivity for the day - procrastinate less, be organised and on top of my to-do lists.
I am the queen of making lists, despite what many of you may say I can create lists of things I am behind, that I need to do, worry about, was supposed to do a month ago and still haven't got round too. It's terrible. However I've found a way to break down my to-do lists into much smaller more manageable chunks that mean I see the satisfaction of having a list of things ticked off. I don't want to spend my days making my lists longer, instead I want to work towards making them so small they don't exist and getting on top of silly tasks that will only take me five minutes, yet for some reason I put them off. Why? I don't know. Just doing it and getting things out the way and organised is far more satisfactory and relieving than the feeling of having a list longer than my arm of shizzle I need to get done.

Resolution Number 3:  To experiment more with vegan recipes, eat a clean balanced diet that is nutritional and easy to make.
I'm not a bad cook, I just hate the effort of making a meal for one. It sounds so pathetic, but cooking by yourself is so un-satisfactory to me. By the time I've made the meal I'm no longer hungry for it and have lost interest in whatever it is I was making. That's why my meals are a 30 minutes or less kind of job. Stir-fry's, noodles, anything that can be shoved in the oven or made on the hob I'm in. But I'm always seeing so many tasty looking foods and really easy recipes on Facebook and Pinterest that I feel I really need to make more of an effort to cook things! I love the taste of a home cooked meal, apart from dining out, for me home recipes are the most delicious dinners ever. So I need to start making more of them! As a vegan I barely eat any 'junk foods' - I rarely eat take out stuff, if I do it's usually something quite simple, I don't have greasy, salty or sugary foods, no processed cakes or anything like that, so I would say it's pretty healthy but that doesn't mean I can't improve! Check out the foods that have tickled my tastebuds (some are not vegan so have to be adapted using vegan alternatives) here:

Resolution Number 4: To work out more, focusing on training for running events and enter races and charity runs.
I love the feeling of a good work out, when you're body has been pushed to the limit and you've done yourself proud. However last year living in London I became extremely lazy, running around everyday all over the city and then spending my evening eating in nice restaurants and going to nice bars, I didn't really notice! It wasn't until the Christmas break when suddenly I was back home with my family that I started to miss my old active self. Sometimes living in London alone can feel like a work out (I always run up the escalators in the tubes and take stairs whenever I can) but nothing for me beats the fresh air of a morning run or enjoying the sunset in the evening jogs. So this year to motivate myself to do more, I would like to enter a minimum of six racing events that I can say I have completed and trained for to push me to move more!

Resolution Number 5: To use my spare time more effectively, with calming self-meditating activities (reading, journalling, sudoku, colouring etc.) that help stabilise my mental health.
If you have me on Facebook apologies, I spend far to much time watching cute pug videos or baby French bulldogs or toddlers playing. I'm obsessed with cute videos. But it's not doing me any good scrolling through my phone, staring at a screen when I could be doing something that I can actually see progress in. About three years ago, before adult colouring books were the massive hit they are today, I found an independent bookshop in Paris that sold flower therapy illustrations and now that it's become the mainstream trend of 2015, I have so many new colouring books that I want to do! My phone is filled with pictures of books I want to colour, and I would rather spend my time doing therapeutic activities where I can see completion in my efforts and mindful reflective tasks.

Resolution Number 6:  To use my time travelling around the country to read books on train journeys and get work done.
I spend a good 30% of my time on public transport I would say. I don't see the need to drive to places I can travel at a cheaper cost and a more environmentally efficient way, however I don't exactly spend these journeys as productively as I should. I always forget to bring something to do with me on the long hours that I spend on trains, tubes and buses that I feel I'm wasting time just sat there. I hate not feeling like I've accomplished something (in case you hadn't already gathered that) so I would like to spend the time that I waste sitting to read the books I feel I never have time to read or listen to audiobooks if it's a shorter journey or I don't have the space to carry a thick paperback.

Resolution Number 7: To develop my style more with more natural makeup, healthy hair, simple outfits and take overall more pride in my own look.
I feel that in today's society we are constantly compared to others, when in reality we can only compare to ourselves and how we have developed and grown from past experiences. I think this also reflects in our styles, and what looks great on some won't look greta on others. However with trends in the fast pace of today's fashion we are constantly trying to adopt what others are wearing and make it work for ourselves. Those who are the most stylish and seem most effortless in their looks are those who focus on what works for them. What they like and how it suits their individual style. Which is what I want to do more of. Worry less about what is popular and what looks good on others and know that I have my own taste and to trust that, as when I dress how I feel best, it's usually not an outfit that has been influenced my mirroring others. I want to focus more on specific items of clothing I like and how I will work them into my wardrobe. Worry less about my makeup and making sure it's always down to perfection with every expensive product under the sun and only use what I deem necessary for that day or activity. I want to embrace being more natural and less masked behind society expectations.

Resolution Number 8: To drink more water and focus on keeping my skin clear, fresh and healthy.
I don't know what happened but at some point in 2015 I let my addiction to drinking litres of water slip and I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels and motivation since, so I would like to now try to build that back up by drinking glasses of water whenever I can, rather than measuring the litres, keeping a glass in my hand (with me) at all times so I'm staying on top of being hydrated. This will hopefully reflect in a healthier looking complexion too.

Resolution Number 9: To keep a journal of my year and document the positives in life to instal a constant positive mental attitude.
Every year I say this and every year I struggle. I'm really bad at setting aside some time at the end of the day to write down anything, I'm always so tired by the time I get to bed! However this is a process, nothing happens over night, so I'm going to try one step at a time and make sure my routine is down to a fine art and I'm not to knackered to spare 30 minutes to jot my day down. I really want to get this resolution conquered, I don't want to lose another year without documenting it!

Resolution Number 10: To make more of an effort with my blog and YouTube channel.
This for me is a big one. I really want to make sure that I am constantly producing the best quality of writing and interesting material I can for you but also to take pride in a huge hobby of mine and push it as far as I can go.

Resolution Number 11: To see more of life and find unexpected adventures.
Despite the fact that I am ridiculously hard on myself, filling my life with pressures and worries that I probably don't need to, in the quest for never ending perfection, I do want to try and let loose a bit and try to find myself enjoying the unknown adventures life can throw. As corny as it sounds, I want to feel wild and free and rebel against my structured self from time to time, go camping and lay under the stars in a foreign country, dance on the beach at night, jump into the sea, all that cliche kind of thing. I want to get me some of that!

Resolution Number 12: To be a happier person.
It sounds simple enough, smile more, be happy, blah blah blah, but suffering with depression can feel like on of the most stifling diseases sometimes. Combine this with an anxiety disorder and it can feel like yourself and the world are against you. No more I say! This year I want to ban negative thought patterns and focus on keeping a smile on my face and find something good in everyday. Kicking mental illnesses can be tough, simple tasks like getting out of bed can feel impossible, but I want to be able to manage my life better and all round be a happier person.

Resolution Number 13: To save money for the important things in life (travelling) and not spend it on throw-away things I don't really need (clothes).
We can all be guilty of over-indulging in this consumer culture that persuades us that buying is the basic answer to our problems. Whilst I am not in any kind of debt (thank goodness) or struggling to eat or something as severe, I am finding that I waste money on things I don't need and I end up throwing cash at stuff that I, in the impulsive moment of shopping, want but doesn't benefit me in any way other than material wealth. Instead I want to use that money to travel the world, say I've been to some extremely cool places and done amazing things, living life to the fullest and not having a regret about a penny. Travel for me is the one time I don't care about the costs, I want to see it and do it all. Clothes can wait, they are always coming and going, in and out of fashion, new things being made everyday, but life doesn't wait, there's no pause and I'm not holding on any longer.

Resolution Number 14: To use what money I do spend more wisely on things such as 'experiences' rather than material objects, or practical things that I will get a lot of use out of.
If I do need to spend money on something, think wisely about those choices I'm making. How will this help me in the long run? What does this object bring to my life? Do I need this? Will I remember buying this and be pleased I did it or will I think that I could have gone without? I want to go to see more things live, spend time watching bands, listening to live music and enjoying gigs. I love stand up comedy so I want to see more of my favourite comedians, I don't need another jacket, I don't need anymore cute sofa cushions. I won't regret seeing my favourite artists in front of my, I may regret spending a fortune on some shoes I barely wear.

Resolution Number 15: To work harder than I've ever worked at anything before, trying my best at everything I do.
I have got a bit lazy and complacent with life, seeing so many privileged people out there, celebrities handed fame and fortune that I forget about those who have the strongest work ethic, the work ethic that says don't give up no matter how hard the road gets. Life is a bumpy ride of wrong turns and dark corners, dead ends and u-turns but the road always ends up somewhere. I have to keep reminding myself not to give up, that nothing worth having comes easy. That life is all about what you put in, that effort isn't grown on trees and given to you. You have to grow that tree yourself and make it until you break. I don't want to give up at the first hurdle and anything I want, I want to know I earnt that.

Resolution Number 16: To spend more time making memories with friends, going out and doing things that I haven't tried.
I have a great handful of friends, a selected circle of trusted people that I have cut down to those that mean most to me. My best friends, my nearest and dearest. The ones I can really count on. Last year I learnt a lot about the value of trust, with so many who hurt me and let me down. This year I'm focusing on those who mean the world to me and going and doing all the things we said would one day do. If we made a plan a year ago to see a certain person perform, or to go somewhere, to walk somewhere, to eat somewhere - this year I am going to do it. Life is too short to pass off opportunities and to sit around wasting time. Friends are something that you shouldn't take for granted. They deserve to be nurtured and looked after to last the journey of a life time.

So that's my list! I hope you found some inspirations in there somewhere, or at least enjoyed this post! I hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and never give up on your dreams. 
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