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Welcome to My Wardrobe

Okay so there's a lot of 'fashion and lifestyle blogs' all over the internet these days but I don't want you to be reading my blog, feeling as though you're reading just another website from the masses. This little post is about what you can expect from the Monday 6am Fashion upload on this section of my blog.

I'm a huge lover of fashion, style, clothing, you name it I'm probably already all over it. So this section of my blog is basically me reviewing current trends, be it colours, items that have been dominating my spending habits on the high street or just general bits and bobs I've seen on my social media feeds.

I'm not saying that there won't be the odd photo of me posing in some of my most recent purchases, I'm just not promising that this is what my blog is about or even for. For me this is a journey, a reflection of my taste - which may or may not inspire you with your own look.

So if you're looking for pretty pictures of me standing, gazing off into the distance wearing nice outfits everyday I'm afraid that you've come to the wrong place. This blog is about so much more than just looking good in what I own, it's about me changing and adapting my attitudes towards co-ordinating outfits and using this online platform to form a voice about how I feel about popular clothing choices we make today. But what it is most likely to become is a look at old events and parties I've been to, fashion launches and blogger evenings, past and present and just documenting what I get up to in the fashion industry.

I love the preppy, school girl kind of vibe to dressing, formal wear and looking net and chic. So if you're into that sort of thing then we are going to get on, if not don't worry I will be talking all kinds of trends and styles. There isn't a specific agenda as such, some wish lists here and there, things I've been addicted to at the moment, some of my favourite pieces of the seasons, cool outfits, there's going to be a lot okay. So get comfy and enjoy my exploration of the world of fashion in today's culture (and maybe prepare yourself for the odd rant that's thrown in for good measure).
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