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The following posts will be looking at all areas of Love, Sex and Relationships between my personal findings and the anecdotes of my friends – all of which have given permission for me to post online, however for privacy and security reasons I will not be mentioning the real names or identities of the people involved. These posts are not meant to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings, shame the acts that are mentioned, they are merely to entertain my readership and make them laugh, opening their minds to new ideas and answering questions I know so many of you have.

“London is sex on a plate.” My friend said as we walked to the underground on our way to Life Drawing. “And people are scared of sex.” She added. I paused. Was she right? Are we in age where with sex is everywhere and we are given so much advice from every direction be it our girlfriends, TV and magazines, that it’s all become a blur of confusion of what the actual word or act itself means?

In a city where the world of sex is both so openly discussed but also concealed as something not to talk about on the tube, when the topic of conversation about fantasies cropped up between us I was curious at how this conversation was going to be pushed from the girlie catch up it was meant to be, to a now play by play of my friends pillow talk. Her ‘sort of’ boyfriend’, (meaning they are ‘seeing each other’) mentioned the idea one night and to my surprise she replied with “You know me, I’ll try anything once. Twice if I like it.” Whilst describing it as “a favour to friend, like borrowing their hairdryer.” Is this the case? I’m not convinced. But it does create a pause for thought. Just living in London means the rules of dating, being in a relationship and what it means to be committed with someone are completely different to anything that exists back home in a small town, where the idea of a threesome would be saved for a 14 year old boys night in with his laptop and headphones watching porn. However here, the casualness of even talking about having a threesome as a plausible idea was something that really got me thinking. Does where we live alter our attitudes to sex? Does the cosmopolitan life of partying and compulsive buying make the city’s inhabitants more sexually expressive?

I didn’t know if it was the rebellion of a Catholic school girl from the countryside up North that had been left to roam wild had taken over her, or if it was the influence of London’s open policy to the normal social taboos. We already go out on the weeknights, staying out clubbing until the early hours of a Wednesday and buy new boots because we managed to survive a long feeling Thursday. Is there nothing Londoners won’t try? So many questions and thoughts pervade my mind, I thought there would be no better place to document my findings then online. I’m quite a traditional and old fashioned girl, I love the chivalry of a man and the romance of a good dinner date, my friends however have a new rule book for texting back, how to code and decode a whatsapp message and quite frankly I find the whole world of modern dating hilariously overcomplicated.

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