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Image is not my own - edit from tumblrThere are moments in life which are completely spontaneous, a moment, a stitch in time which feels completely rare, special and unique. A moment you know that you will never see, feel or have again, and this was something that really made me think about my own life and how when I think of my happiest memories or reminisce about a previous place, the best memories that I remember are all those random spontaneous moments.

This year I have made it my mission to keep a journal, so that I can document my day to day being and see what makes me smile at the thought of it when I look back on my early adulthood in a decade or so. Whilst staying with my boyfriend Connor at his university in Sheffield both of us were in the kitchen with his flatmates listening to Sabrina's Spotify playlist when all of a sudden a really old throwback to an Eminem song came on and the whole flat, Connor and myself included started rapping all the lyrics in perfect time altogether and it was a beautiful moment to be a part of.

So my advice to myself, and you is to really live in the moment, think about what has made you smile the most over your life and start documenting more, whether it's with pictures of you, your friends, places you go, making home videos of holidays you go on, scrapbooking. Let this year be the year you appreciate all the good that you, the big, the small and the unplanned but brilliant points of day to day living. Since doing this I've been a lot happier, found less to moan and complain about and certainly started to smile inwardly more. 

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