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Now as a girl who has suffered from a 'troubled eating history' to put it lightly, one of the things I've found has really helped my road to recovery is discovering veganism. However one thing that really hasn't helped is the negativity that surrounded my choices. I don't know why people see choosing to have a cruelty free lifestyle where no animals are murdered or harmed for what I eat is a bad thing, because frankly it's not. However this has really inspired to start a weekly food section on my blog dedicated to vegan discoveries, be it recipes, places to eat, hot new pop ups and shops, anything that sparks an interest in me and finding the best vegan options around. 

Every Wednesday at the usual upload time of 6am I will be blogging about something new in my world of food and battling myths and common misconceptions around the word 'vegan'. Whether you're vegan or not, whether you like eating out or not, I hope you enjoy my food reviews on cafes and restaurants and it inspires you to try some of the places I like to eat. And hopefully try veganism out!
I want this to be a non-preachy approach to vegan food, and just the enjoyment of vegan food everywhere in an everyday situation. I will be focusing on reviewing food establishments all over the UK and my vegan travels! But if you're not someone to go out to eat, then I will be posting food inspiration and home recipes too!

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