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February Wishlist

This month I'm feeling pretty calm and chilled about things, I'm happy in my relationship, I'm happy with my new home and everything is looking positive in The Life of Rosie, so this month my 'wishes' are quite tame I suppose and more focused on simple basics that I could probably restock on...

This month's list is kind of a random collection of things I think are looking particularly pretty at the moment...

Lipsticks (Particularly Designer Ones)
Maybe it's the feel of Valentines Day looming in the shop windows, but this month I want to try more colours on my lips and update my collection with some perfectly pouty purchases. I haven't done a haul of lipsticks for a while and I'm thinking it's time to look at some new shades...

Vest Tops
Now that the winter chill is wearing off, as a summer baby I am of course getting all excited for the warmer weather. I'm really feel the whole vest top, cardigan and mini skirt combination at the moment. I've gone back to the Clueless fangirl trend all of a sudden!

Orangey Colours

Orange Tones
I've been living and dying in monochrome and dark shades all winter, so I think it's time I jazzed up my wardrobe with some eye-popping colour. Tangerine orange is a look that I'm wanting to experiment with, as it's a colour I don't really dare to wear.

With this month's focus on the bold lip, I'm feeling more of a nude eye. Saying goodbye to the smokey shadows in warm tones and dark browns and hello to a more pastel palette of colour, light pinks and soft barely there lilacs and of course every girls favourite, nude.

Quirky Calf Boots
Calf Boots

I've been really drawn to quite 'out there' footwear at the moment, not entirely sure why. Perhaps the sight of black heeled boots almost everyday has sparked this new found urge for colour. All of a sudden I'm screaming for metallics, purples, printed designs... it's a crazy kind of mix.
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