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Image taken of me on set of fashion film UNUS by Efosa Osaghae
I am extremely lucky to have started in this business so young, therefore I have always known what's happening in and around the fashion world, especially when it comes to events, parties, who's who and trends to look out for. However with the recent most exciting month having been upon us, one question I have always been asked is how I always get invited to things. Well now I reveal how you can be in the know if you're not in the business yourself.

Fashion is always evolving, that is both it's beauty and it's curse. Whilst it is always new and exciting, at the same time it can feel like a head spin to keep up with so to make things that little bit easier, I have come up with my top five tips to staying in touch with what's what.

1. Learn Who is Who and What is What - I am so blessed to be friends with some of the biggest talents in the industry today, people who are so fabulous it hurts and it's crazy all the amazing things that they have done and how they are shaping the world of fashion. So this really made me think about how important it is to stay up to date with who is really important and in the know. These influencers are influencers for a reason, they have fairy powers that the people in fashion want and you should too. Here are some people on my Facebook friends list who are always inspiring me with how superb they are and if you don't know them make sure you do and what makes them so great. So make sure you are familiar with my top three fashion inspirations, who whenever I see them on my Facebook I am instantly transported into some fashion heaven of lust and just admiration for what they do.

Left to Right Steven Doan, Megan St Clair Morgan & Cheyenne Davide

Steven Doan - Steven is one of the most talented Fashion Stylists and Creative Directors I have ever known and his work is simply beautiful. His clients are world renowned in every area of the celebrity world and you can see him all over Instagram with the biggest superstars, partying next to Lucky Blue Smith, at the Burberry shows, in the pages of Vogue and ELLE around the world and has one of the best eyes for attention to detail. His work is a blend of contemporary chic with timeless embellishments that fuse masculine and feminine touches to any form of fashion. If you love your designers, Steven is the one. His clients include the likes of Chanel, Tom Ford, Prada, Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Versace... just to name a few.

Megan St Clair Morgan -  Megan is the fashion illustrator of the moment. She's been rocking the FROW of London Fashion week for many a season now and is always being featured by designers on Instagram. She can be found hanging out in the coolest places around the world and in London, be it in Sketch, Paris Fashion Week, Poland, you name it, she's there. She's drawn for Vivienne Westwood, House of Holland, Lacoste, Sophia Webster, Moschino... you get the idea. Megan has been hired as a live artist for some huge industry events and launch parties, for brands such Swarovski in Harrods and GQ as well as being all over the internet about her talent when it comes to rising up in the ranks of the industry. Go on, give her a Google. 

Cheyenne Davide -  Cheyenne is probably one of the most naturally cool girls on the planet, I have partied to her awesome DJing at events and she is always bang on when it comes to branding herself and her style. She's spun at the coolest brand parties as well as being plastered all over the press, (seriously, just search her) for the likes of Topshop, Missguided, ShoreBitch, Polyester, Hype and London Fashion Week. She's also a presenter, blogger and model, yes she does it all. She's been at the front of MTV, BBC1 XTRA, Radio Shows, Wireless Festival, Vevo, you name it, she's done it. As well as being the face of campaigns for Missguided, Nike, Dr Martens, Warehouse, Adidas and other high end magazine editorials. What hasn't this girl done? You will definitely remember Cheyenne for her perfectly pink curls, winged eyeliner and nostalgic style when it comes to clothes.

2. Read Everything - Whether it's fashion magazines, newspaper supplements, websites and blogs, keeping up to date with big bloggers and YouTubers, and checking out the local scene. Fashion is everywhere. Whilst a lot of fashion events and parties are in London, that doesn't mean that the only rings happening in fashion or blogs takes place here. Many bloggers live outside of the capital and still have successful careers and work with brands on press events and trips. If you want to find out more about what events are going on take a look at: and for high end designer insight and a rundown of the calendar. By reading the press, making sure you've got your tap on what's trending on the internet you will familiarise yourself with names, faces, people and places. It's all about memory more than anything.

3. Be Social - It might seen like the obvious these days but like everything fashion too is an industry that is moving more and more online. Brands and everyone who works for a brand is online, so cyberstalk the pros with your phone, make sure you're following people and companies on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even Tumblr. If it's on your feed it's subliminally going into your brain, the messages we read form our opinions and we learn a lot from what's around us, so make sure you are submerging yourself in the world of social media.

4. Get Out There - You might be starting out with meet ups or going to free events or local ones at beauty counters and in your favourite department stores, but just keep your eyes out and make sure you're in the midsts of everything you want to be part of! Being pro-active is the only way to get what you want and get things done. It may seem obvious but the amount of people I hear moaning who aren't going out there and chasing their dreams is something that just baffles me and is quite frankly rather annoying. The only way you can get what you want is to go out there and get it. None of this sitting around feeling sorry for yourself stuff.

5. Network -  Meeting people and talking to them is the only assured way that they will participate in conversation and listen to your message. Emails and phone calls are great, but there's nothing better than getting in touch with people and learning more about them on a personal level. If you're doing tip number 4. and going to places, there's no use standing in the corner and not speaking. If you don't use your voice, how is your message going to get heard? I love networking a meeting new people, even if you're not super confident and have loads to say, just saying hi and having a photograph with them, giving them a compliment and seeing their positive reaction is a great way to start and just show your face. You don't have to be nervous, these people are just people too at the end of the day. We are all human, which means that we all love an ego-boost and nothing boosts someones confidence in themselves when they received positivity and praise off others. I got spotted in a Clarins department by a woman who was so lovely and really enthusiastic and it honestly made my day - so never be shy to spread a smile.

So there you have it! The easiest ways to start to know about what's going on in the world of fashion, who's going to what and where, when it's all happening and why you should be going too! I hope that this post was helpful to some of you and that it comes in handy - I get asked how I'm always in the know and invited to places and parties, so I wanted to try and help you all out!
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