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Date Dresses
Now I'm a firm believer that your partner should love you unconditionally and not base your relationship on lust or what you look like, however we are liars if we say that the first thing we notice in someone is whether or not we are attracted to someone. I stand by the theory that in seven seconds you can say whether there is an initial attraction to someone or not. So whilst it's not essential to a make a relationship last, I do believe that looking attractive and making an effort for the other is what keeps an attracted spark alive.

When we get comfortable with someone, who initially we never took our makeup off in front of, or that we always dressed to impress them, slowly these primping and prepping habits fade and the sweatpants become a more common occurrence than a nice skirt, the messy top-knot and makeup free face is the usual look they are greeted with and the idea of wearing a nice perfume can seem like an unnecessary effort. So why do we seem so surprised when someone stuns them and they are tempted to look? Yes it sounds awful but just take a moment to really think about this.

First of all we are animals, are primary focus is to find the strongest and most attractive mate, so if you're never making an effort with yourself, becoming lazy and unmotivated to inspire your partner and then someone who is dazzling in a way that they seem new and stunning, it's natural for that person to look right? Whatever ways the roles are reversed around it is natural for us to be drawn to something that seems shiny and sparkly, no matter how much we want to deny it.
Secondly there are reasons we are drawn to certain people and when that list of reasons change, it is also natural for us to start to believe that this person is no longer suited to us, or that they have become someone we no longer recognise as liking. This is not necessarily because those reasons and qualities are no longer there, it's because they have been hidden and covered in dust. Why do we let this happen? Because when we relax into something, we become creatures of habit and they can be hard to shake.
So why do we let this happen to ourselves? Are we sometimes to blame for the problem? Notice I said sometimes... Of course there are times when they are just a complete arse and break your heart because they have commitment issues, have a change of heart, are looking for a way out of the relationship, endless excuses that ultimately boil down to just excuses. But sometimes... again sometimes... it can be because that initial spark and attraction fades when we start to neglect the power of attraction.

Now please don't read this and think that you have to look good 24/7 to keep your partner interested or that it is all based on looks - I am simply saying, never underestimate the lasting impression that you can leave in someone's head when they see you for the first time and you look attractive. We all want a partner that we are attracted to, it's normal. As much as personality is what keeps you beyond attraction, we all need those moments where we feel hot under the collar. I see a lot of girls who don't want to dress nicely for their partner or even themselves and I wonder why? Why have we become so lazy with our appearance that we don't want to show off our best features and feel confident in our looks. Decades ago it would be unheard of not to put the best version of yourself out there, that leaving the house without looking in best form was okay or even accepted. Why did that stop?

Now I'm not saying that this is the reason that the divorce rates were so low and that people's anniversaries are older than their children... but there has to be a reason that there are less statistics of couples separating and breaking vows than there are today. I think that people are straying because we don't give them a reason to stay. We expect them to stay because they are supposed to be faithful. But would you want to be with someone who never composed themselves nicely, who didn't make an effort for you or didn't attract you to them? Not the ideal dating candidate right? So why does the label that makes you monogamous suddenly change this?  Truthfully it doesn't. The label that makes you 'together' doesn't change our biological mindsets. We'd be fools to think this. Why don't we want our partners to wake up everyday and look to us with admiration and positive thoughts about how amazed they are to be with us and how beautiful they see us as?

We all want spontaneity and surprises that sweep us off our feet from time to time, we all want that feeling of adventure, and that won't happen if we are lazing in an old t-shirt and sweatpants now is it? Why wouldn't we be ready to go if we get a call and are invited to lunch at the drop of a hat or asked to go to the theatre or an event? Or even running into a friend you've never met, or even worse an ex. Do you really want to be looking a scruffy mess when you didn't have to? Never let yourself believe or your partner believe that you have lost your spark, those qualities that make you seen shiny and sparkly. So dress as if you were going on a first date every day and your partner has no other reason to look the other way unless they are just an arse and then you've learnt the hard way that you were with the wrong person. As much as that sounds harsh and sucky.

You don't have to wear high heels and a skimpy tight dress, you just have to make the effort with yourself that you deserve, feel good in yourself and wear an outfit everyday that makes you look at yourself and think 'Wow! I look hot!' If you think that about yourself and have this radiance and confidence then there's no doubt that your partner won't feed of this positivity and be attracted to your spark every time they see you.

So the point of this post is to dress to impress yourself. Dress every day as if you were meeting the person of your dreams, wear what makes you feel your best and don't worry about it being expensive, or designer because those aren't the definite answer for looking good. It's all about wearing your style with pride and confidence that makes you happy. Because if you feel like this, then you will always be sparkly and as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
Date Looks

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