The Ultimate Packing Guide #5 : Countryside Break • TRAVEL

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Country Break

There's some so relaxing about waking up to the sounds of the birds singing and breathing in the fresh air in a beautiful green landscape. For those of you who are more about staying in a country cottage with hot chocolate and a blanket than hitting the town to paint it red, here's a packing guide of things to bring with you when setting your sites on the English countryside.

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Forget your bikinis and shorts, this is all about being warm from the chill of the wind and wearing practical shoes. It may not seem as glamorous to some, but the silent serenity of the rolling hills and animals are sure to put your in a peaceful state of mind.

The Main Items:
Camel & Navy

I think the key to English weather is packing for variety, that means something that will work for multiple occasions and that you can get away with wearing in multiple of ways. So these are my suggestions when it comes to packing your main luggage...

1. A Warm Coat - It's England, which means it's probably going to rain. No doubt it will be cold and probably a bit windy, so bring a coat. Make sure it's warm, waterproof and that you feel comfortable wearing it with all your outfits. Or your partner doesn't mind you stealing theirs - men's / unisex jackets can be a lot warmer.
Winter Coats
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2. A Warm Jumper - We Brits love a good jumper, especially when the weather is unpredictable, nothing makes us feel more smug than saying to someone who's cold 'didn't you bring a jumper?' or 'you should have brought a jumper with you' or some other variation of this very annoying line when you have forgotten yours and are feeling cold.

3. A Nice Day-Time Dress - Because it's England, we never really know when we might get a little bit of unexpected sun, so it's nice to have one option for if this miracle moment does arrive and the sunshine graces our pasty presence. It also makes a nice evening option for a dinner date or a night down the pub.

4. Wellington Boots - Country walks are a disaster for any shoes if they are not a wellie. The muddy dog walks, hillside strolls and any chance of walking somewhere wet will require these. You can get some nice looking ones if these items seem unfashionable and uncool to you. They are always handy to have in the boot of your car and for festivals.

5. Trainers/Comfy Shoes for Everyday Use - When you're going out somewhere with a nice cobbled pavement or walking through a quaint village town, you're not going to want to be traipsing muddy wellies around with you, so make sure you have shoes that feel like slippers to save your feet from killing you at the end of a long day of walking.
Comfy Shoes

6. Jeans - A classic staple that is going to be lived and died in during your country break. You'd be a fool not to pack jeans.
Denim Jeans

The Hand Luggage:

You never know what activity you might decided to do last minute, so as it's England, always be prepared. These items are less of an essential, but more of a suggestion of the types of things us country-bumpkins like to carry with us.

1. Some Kind of Food Storage System/Flask for Snacks and a Drink - There's nothing worse than being out and feeling hungry and thirsty with nowhere around to get food or drink. We love a good picnic and any excuse to eat outside, purely because we feel like we are somewhere a lot sunnier than England when we do, so it's always useful to have a thermos of hot chocolate and a tub of sandwiches to hand for those emergency tummy rumbles.
Food Obsessive
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2. A Camera - English country views are beautiful, perfect for photographs on a clear day, but forgetting your camera is one thing that really annoys me. So I always like to have my camera to hand, ready to capture those perfectly timed moments. 
I've got my eye on you

3. Sunglasses - Just in case the summer decides to grace us with it's presence early, or it's been rainy and the roads look more white than they do anything else, having a pair of sunglasses to pop on your face is always a good idea.

4. A Scarf - And in case the other way round should occur and what feels like the opening to The Wizard of Oz is happening outside, a scarf is never going to be a bad idea.
The Beauty Bits:

You can definitely get away with a little bit more of whatever takes your fancy when it comes to makeup, as you won't be sweating it off in the blazing heat or washing it off with pool water, here you can fully embrace the true English Rose look with a clear complexion, rosy cheeks, and pink naturally pouty lips.

1. A Good Base - The typical English Rose look is all about that porcelain, doll like skin that looks natural and flawless - however to avoid looking like you've got the whole drugstore on your face, go for a glowing full coverage with a light-weight consistency that doesn't need reapplication.
All About That Base

2. Blusher -  The next thing that gives the English Rose look is the rosy cheeks, it's the natural windswept look crossed with that fairy like facial features that many of us try to master (and often fail).
Blushing Beauty

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3. Pink Lips - Kissably pink lips are the key to polishing off that natural and effortless look of the country chic girl. Opting for a deeper pink with more of a purple base and red tones will look a lot better than Barbie bubblegum pink. We don't want to look like a five year old let loose with a makeup bag.
Rosy Lips

The Luxury Optionals:

For those who aren't that bothered about packing light, here are a few things you may want to bring with you, to add that touch of luxury to soothe any cabin fever you may have.

1. A Nice Watch - We are time-keepers here in England, we have our own sayings for every possible moment of the day, times to eat and we hate those who are late. Which means that a watch is very handy.  
2. A Fedora Hat - For me wearing a hat feels very British, we love to go to events where hats are part of the dress code, and nothing says country chic like a fedora.
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