The Ultimate Packing Guide #6 : Camping • TRAVEL

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Ah... The great outdoors. For some the idea of sleeping in a tent sounds like a bush tucker trial on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Yet for me I find sleeping in a tent so peaceful and cosy, I always get an amazing night's sleep snuggled up in my two-man to myself. I think camping can be as glamorous as you want it to be, and with this ultimate packing guide of the bare essentials, I aim to show you that even with hardly any items, you can still look and feel luxurious.

So we have the main items, now these are going to be obvious basics that you will need to keep warm and comfortable no matter if you're spending a night in your back garden, three nights or three weeks.

The Main Items:
Main Camping Kit

1. Basic Camping Gear - If you're going camping it's obvious you're going to need things like a tent, a torch, a sleeping bag etc... etc... depending if you're packing up a car boot and driving somewhere you may want to bring things such as a foldaway table or even a hammock, depending on how long you're planning on staying out in the wilderness. This really is up to you, but shelter and bedding is your biggest priority. And of course food. How much you spend is not important, what is important is keeping dry, warm and comfortable.
Camping Gear

2. A Blanket - Now you've got your sleeping bag, but it's probably going to be very chilly come night time and nothing is worse when you're trying to sleep than shivering like a leaf. I hate feeling cold in bed so I always make sure I have two or three blankets for extra padding on the floor like a mattress and a couple of layers of warmth. Over the 6 camping festivals I've done (and some I've been there for 9 or 10 days working) I've found that this is the best solution for a solid night's sleep. You can be as minimal as you like or as out there luxurious as you please. 

3. A Pillow - Again, I need to have somewhere to rest my head in order to have a successful night of shut eye. It's good to make sure you have a supporting pillow, I like to have foldaway camping ones, or travel pillows that are nice and squidgy and soft around your neck. However if you're not travelling by foot and have room for a larger pillow then by all means have something more pillow like, maybe a bit of soft faux fur to snuggle up to? Below is a mix of travel inspired pillows and ones that you can use at home or your tent.
Camping Pillows

4. A Warm Jumper/Cardigan -  Just the same as having a good blanket, warm jumpers are a massive must have. I cannot survive the night without a thick set of pyjamas (which is most likely to be a Primark onsie) and a few layers on underneath a thick warm jumper. Hoodies are the best in my opinion as they can double up as an extra layer around your head if you don't have a very good pillow (or if you're worried about bugs going near you) as well as being able to zip up and down, instead of taking it on and off and you can use the hood to keep your ears and cheeks warm when it's a cold night. They are all round the camping miracle solution for being cold.
Jump In

5. Warm Socks - Okay, I'm hoping you're getting the idea that camping is cold. Even in the height of summer, as soon as night starts to fall, you feel the chill. So make sure you are sleeping with a warm fluffy pair of socks on, or ones that are thick enough to stop your feet from freezing.
Camping Socks
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6. Thin Layers/Tops - Thick layers are all well and good, until you get too hot and have to take it off, then are too cold and there's no middle ground. Enter the thin layers, where you can stock up on loads and get the perfect temperature without all the faff. I would say mix up vest tops, with short and long T-shirts under various thicknesses of jumpers for the ideal insulation.
7. Flannel Shirts - Not only do they look amazing with denim and give you that just generally effortless chic look, they are also easy to pack, light-weight and so versatile. Whether you want the sleeves long or short (rolling them up or down), whether you want them loose and open or done up, tucked in - whatever. They look good. And have practicality to them as well.
Flannel Shirts

8. Denim - A durable, tough and generally quite warm material. Denim is the ideal candidate to take campaign with you. They don't spoil or get ruined if they get dirty and you can wear them for a good week before you need to wash them. Denim looks good with pretty much any outfit, any style, any look you want to go for. Denim is your pal on this one.
Denim Options

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9. A Large/Waterproof Coat - No doubt at some point it will be cold or wet or both and you will need a coat to see you through. A nice thick coat can also be spread out underneath your sleeping bag for extra comfort, especially if it has a soft lining like faux fur. That's an extra comfort tip from me, there!
Camping Coats

The Hand Luggage:

1. A Camera - Camping is a great way of finding laughter and funny times in the simplest things, moments turn into memories and what better way to immortalise them, then with a photograph. The camera doesn't have to be big and flashy, it can be a super cheap disposable if you want. Sometimes the less perfect the photo the more raw and perfect it can look.
2. A Water Bottle - Now we know it's so important to stay hydrated and make sure you are regularly drinking water and keeping your fluid levels up, so to save the waste you will have to clear and using harmful plastics, grab yourself a water bottle which you can keep with you when you need a refreshing drink.
Drink Up

3. Hairbands - These are always on my person at all times, as a girl with long hair I know the value of these precious pieces of elastic. Camping or not, you need these in your life.
Hair Ties

4. Sunglasses - Sunglasses should always be an accessory to hand, especially when travelling. The weather can be temperamental and you never know what it is going to do. It's better to have them and not need them, then leave them at home unpacked and have to go without them.
Camp Sunglasses

The Beauty Bits:

1. Makeup Remover - Even if you're not wearing makeup, I like to keep my face clean by carrying some face wipes with me, some toner and cleansing lotion/water. It keeps your skin clear from all the grubby dirt and environmental damage, as well as just making you feel so much fresher before you go to sleep.
Wipe The Day Away

2. Lipbalm - In all kinds of weather, our lips face damage from the wind, cold, heat, water, all sorts. So it's good to carry a moisturising lip balm of some description with you. They may only be small but the hold great power.Lipbalm

3. Glitter / Face Decorations of Some Sort - You may not be at a festival, but it doesn't mean you can't have fun! There's some point I'm sure where you will get bored or want to do something that feels somewhat therapeutic/artistic/creative and this is where some fun makeup can come in handy! It's a good way to bond and connect with those you may not know very well if you're in a good and it's all round a good laugh.
Glitter Bug

4. Dry Shampoo - A girls saviour and best friend is dry shampoo. I can't concentrate or do anything when my hair feels gross and it needs a wash. Luckily my hair takes about 2-3 days without washing before I start to feel like it feels a bit greasy. So top knots and a bit of dry shampoo or talcum powder is the miracle wonder trick for bad hair days. Grease be gone!
Dry Shampoo

The Luxury Optionals:

1. A Hat - Not only is a hat a nice accessory it has practical benefits too. If it happens to be a gloriously sunny day, then it can provide you with protection from the suns harmful rays and keep it out of your eyes and your head from over heating. Or you may just want to wear a hat to look good and cover up any bad hair days. A wintery hat is also great for night time when it starts to get a little bit cold, which for me really makes my ears hurt, so I like to keep them covered up.
2. Napkins & 'Kitchen' Accessories - You want to make sure you're producing as little waste as possible and reusing everything you possibly can, a) because you should be doing that anyway in general life and being environmentally responsible and b) because you have to make your own bin and keep your area clean of rubbish to protect nature, so make sure you have things like tupperware to bring and keep food in, which can double up as bowls and plates for meals etc. However you may wish to bring extra pots and pans if you're travelling in a large group.
Camp Cookout

3. A Picnic Hamper - It's really not essential, however it can be cute if it's a romantic trip with a loved one, or just really useful for storing your food, whether your with friends or family. It can be a bit of an expense as it comes with 'proper' cutlery and crockery, however if you're one for the finer things in life and living in the outside world is not your thing, then this is a good solution for making you feel more at home.
Picnic Perfect

4. A Chair - I'm perfectly happy to sit on a picnic blanket on the floor, laze around in the sun on it and lie out getting a tan. However it can be nice to be sat in a somewhat proper chair. They may be foldable, but they are a favourite amongst those who don't like to lower themselves to the ground.  
Camping Chairs

5. Other More 'Extravagant' Camping Equipment/Accessories - You may want to go all out glamping, that could be a bigger than necessary tent, it could be a nice lantern, or a fancy way of storing food. Whatever it is that makes home feel homely to you can be substituted for a campsite equivalent such as the ideas below.
Luxury Camping

6. A Blanket Cape - If you want to wrap up in a blanket, but can't quite bare the thought of sitting holding a thin duvet around you, then opt for a trendy blanket cape, which you can wear and be warm. Fashion can be functional after all...
Blanket Capes
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