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Sweet & Sour Vegetables, Coconut Rice, Thai Green Curry
I think it's safe for me to say that one of my favourite things to do with my time is eat out. I love going to nice places with friends, family, my boyfriend and enjoying a relaxed experience of eating good food. Now as a vegan I can be labelled as a fussy eater, so I would like to think if I recommend somewhere to someone they know it's going to be good. Connor and I went for a date night, where we had a lovely dinner at Thai Thai Ka (you can see what we ate and what it looked like in The Weekly Vlog #3). So as promised in my vlog, here is my review...

 The weekend before we had our date, we both wanted to go for a nice dinner, somewhere that had a chilled dining experience that felt very comfortable and obviously somewhere we trusted would be good quality of food.
Now I have a little mental checklist that goes with anywhere I am thinking of eating, that is the variety of the menu (and it's vegan friendly options), how clean and presentable it looks both online and in person and whether it is a corporate chain or not - I prefer to support local businesses and independent places, as I feel not only is important to have that neighbourly spirit but also they tend to make more of an effort as they rely on the trust of their customers to come back and spread a good word of mouth. Thai Thai Ka ticked all my boxes, it was only a short walk away from Connor's place, not somewhere I would necessarily know about but it was still in a good location. Because we went quite late in the evening there were only about 4 or 5 couples/groups of people which made it have a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere but I didn't let the sight of empty tables put me off. And I'm glad I didn't.

The place was spotless. So clean and tidy, everything was in it's place but not in a clinic and 'neat freak' kind of way that it made you feel uncomfortable. The service was so welcoming and helpful, the Thai waitress who served us was really attentive, bringing us a fresh jug of water as soon as we asked for it, rather than the typical 10 minute wait you get in most places and was happy to recommend things to me based on the food I couldn't choose between, based on how well things complimented each other and how spicy I wanted my dish to be.

It all felt really orientated around us as customers making the most of our evening and having a lovely relaxed night. The portions were large enough to keep you full but not so big that you left half of it on your plate and each dish was full of flavours that fused together harmoniously on your plate. One of the best Thai dishes I've tasted for rich quality, that felt like the hearty stomach warming comfort of home cooked meals with the elegance and standard of a well respected restaurant.

Tofu, baby sweetcorn, carrot and coconut rice.

If you're in the Sheffield area and you're looking for a casual date idea, or a nice family meal or a group celebration like a birthday or something I would say Thai Thai Ka is the place to go. The food tastes as fresh as it looks, smells as delicious as it tastes and is extremely reasonable in price. For both of us to have a rice dish with a main and a platter starter was less than £30, so also really great if you're looking to have a well prepared meal without an extortionate price tag. 

I am going to be going back with Connor for the All You Can Eat Tuesdays Buffet, which for £12.95 allows you to try as many dishes as you like (between 5:30pm and 10pm) as well as the lunch time offer of curry/noodles/stir fry for £4.50 Monday to Friday (12:30pm - 2pm).

You can find Thai Thai Ka at 198 Whitham Road, Sheffield, S10 2SS, where it is open seven days a week Monday - Saturday 12:30pm until 10:30pm and 10:30 until 8pm on Sundays. To book yourself a table simply call 01142667979

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or paid for by Thai Thai Ka, this is just my genuine recommendation that I like to give to my readers based on my own personal experiences. Which you can see for yourself in my weekly vlog here.
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