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Last year there was an explosion of health gadgets that hit the market to make our lives easier in the world of health and fitness, some great, some total marketing schemes, but which ones are actually worth investing in? I have created a top 10 list of popular health gadgets and how exactly they are supposed to be used. Intrigued to see what made the list?

In no particular order, here are my final 10 health gadgets, some focusing on food, others on your fitness, whilst you may not find them essential to your daily routine, you can't deny they are beneficial and provide areas of assistances on your health and fitness journey... As always you can shop my list of items mentioned below.

1. The Spiraliser - You're probably all aware of 'THE SPIRALISER' an amazing way of turning your veggies into noodles, for that alternative to a carb loaded pasta dish, courgetti and carrot noodles make excellent alternatives for those looking to lighten the calories and help with bloating from what and gluten. An excellent and inexpensive tool that I am giving a huge thumbs up too.

2. A 'Blender' - Whether you're all over the nutribullet, the nutri ninja or any other of these nutria-named fancy contraptions for a blender, it might be worth upgrading your old device for one that acts as a food processor, a soup and smoothie maker, because investing in a good kitchen assistant is money well spent. I use my blender almost everyday, simply load it with your fruit for a super easy way to get all of your 5 a day in your morning smoothie with cereal or make yourself a fresh soup by loading it with your favourite vegetables. If you don't have one already... Make sure you do. They are a super fast and effective way of getting in all your fruits and vegetables.

3. Window Herb Gardens - Whilst this may seem like less of a 'gadget' and more of a decorative feature, not only is a miniature herb garden a really simple way of adding a touch of classy chic to even the drabbest of kitchens, having the smell and sight of fresh green herbs will keep your mind subconsciously thinking about eating fresh, green, leafy foods and inspire you to cook more homemade meals, experiment and try out new flavours and dishes. Just having this little reminder on your windowsill is a friendly way of kicking your mental habits from junk foods to healthy options.

4. A Feature Water Bottle - Again not a gadget as such but a way of making you drink more water is having a nice 'fancy' glass bottle in your fridge filled with water at all times, I would suggest having two that way there is always one available to you. It's very rare that we all get exactly enough water throughout the day, so by placing a full bottle in front of you with every meal and setting yourself the target of 3-4 glasses every time you eat is a way of getting your water intake up. It's a very simple yet very effective way of making sure you drink more. As well as this make sure you always have a reusable bottle that you keep with you at all times in your bag or just with you around the house to remind you to keep your fluids up and not let yourself get to the point where you feel thirsty. You should never feel the need to rehydrate, once you start to feel dehydrated you've waited too long to have a drink. So keep 2 glass decorative bottles in your fridge and keep a reusable bottle with you at all times.

5. A Steamer - Steaming is a great way of serving fresh vegetables in a healthy way, I like to either steam or oven roast my vegetables to make sure I get the most flavour from my food. I find this works amazingly well for roasts, it just makes your broccoli and carrots stand out on your plate and keep vegetables interesting, keeping not only the flavour but also the nutrients. When you boil your vegetables you're letting the good stuff leak into the water and of course the longer you leave them to boil, the more nutritional value is lost. Whilst they may not be the prettiest of tools they do provide a lot of healthy nutrients to your food that would otherwise be lost in a pot of boiling water.

6. Handheld Push Chopper - Probably one of my favourites on the list, purely because they are entertaining to use and you can pretend the thing you are chopping is an enemy stuck inside being attacked by the blades *kidding*. This is perfect for those who hate chopping, meal prep or anything that extends the time spent cooking. It's also great of dicing up your food really fine so if you happen to be a fussy eater or cooking for someone who is, they won't be there picking out the bits they can see that they don't like as your olives, mushrooms, tomatoes or whatever it is are going to be chopped up super small and hidden in your soup or sauce! It's also a great way of chopping up nuts for baking or trail mix without turning them into a paste if you were to use a food processor. Simply put your chosen fruit or veg in the bottom and push down with your hand! It's surprisingly therapeutic...

7. Smaller Plates - The size of a dinner plate is only meant to be 8.5 inches, however in the most recent years this has gone up by nearly 4 inches, which may not sound like a lot, however the physiological impact this leaves is quite big. Whilst many of us struggle with portion control (one portion is the size of your palm usually) and have a tendency to over load our plates, downsizing what you eat with is the best way for your brain to tell you when you're actually full rather than your eyes. Many celebrities use side plates instead, I myself like to use teaspoons rather than table spoons to eat with, as the length in which it takes me to eat will be longer and therefore will stop me eating more than my body needs. So use smaller crockery, that means plates and bowls need to given the slimming treatment in order for your body to receive the same effects. We have been conditioned by society to fill our plates and load them up, so the smaller plate or bowl you use the quicker your brain will tell you you are full, rather then when we see the plate is empty. So make sure your meals fit on a salad plate. 

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