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The idea of a hike might sound like an awful one to some, however it's a great way to see beautiful scenery and get a bit of exercise in the fresh air. So if you're spending a day or two enjoying the British countryside or even somewhere outside of the UK, these are the bare essentials you will want to have handy...

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Whether  you're a keen hiker or not, you will want to make sure that you have yourself prepared for all weather types but before you go check the forecast! Take a spare camera battery and memory card with you so you don't get to the top and have your camera die before you can get a snapshot of the beautiful horizon! Wear comfortable clothing and make sure you've walked around in your boots beforehand!

The Main Items:

Lets Go Hiking
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Practical and comfortable are the two main things on the priority of dressing for a day of hiking. So leave the heels at home and dust off your boots...

1. A Simple Outfit (Loose Comfy Tops & Trekking Shorts / Trousers) - Whilst some may say that jeans are fine, I personally prefer a pair of shorts to make the most of the good weather or if it's cold then trousers. And I always go for a comfortable fitting top.
Let's Go Hiking

2. A Backpack - The best thing for long journeys and walks is having a bag of your essentials that you don't have to carry. I absolutely love the Kanken backpacks, they fit so much stuff in, are super lightweight and really durable for outdoors trips. I took mine up Kilimanjaro and I managed to get a whole day pack and a weeks worth of snacks, 2 large water bottles in and a camelback. I also fitted multiple layers inside before it was full.

3. Sunglasses - I cannot go anywhere without my shades, I love being able to keep my eyes protected from the sun and nothing says sunshine more than being able to get out the glasses...
4. Hat / Cap - You are going to want something to keep the sun out of your eyes and from burning the top of your head, just to keep you that little bit cooler. Trust me this is a life saver. I relied on my hat when I was climbing Kilimanjaro, so make sure you pack one!
NIKE white hatCaps hat, £18 • Navy hat, £32 • Adjustable hat, £9.13 • Adidas caps hat

5. Hiking Boots - You cannot hike without a decent pair of hiking boots. Just don't bother. Trainers won't cut it, you need proper hiking boots from a shop that sells mountain gear and equipment.
Hiking Boots
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6. Hiking Socks - If you don't want sweaty sticky feet and a comfortable walk then make sure you wear the right socks. Especially if you're hiking somewhere cold, as that extra layer of heat will make a huge difference, the same with somewhere hot, the way the socks are designed will help keep you cool.
Hiking Socks
L.L.Bean wicking socks, £19 • L.L.Bean moisture wicking socks, £18 • Darn Tough socks, £11 • Crew socks, £13 • Aéropostale cotton socks, £1.40 • Aéropostale socks, £1.40 • Aéropostale cotton socks, £2.11 • Smartwool socks, £7.54 • Crew socks, £7.54 • Smartwool mens crew socks, £11

7. Sports Bra - There's nothing worse than when doing anything active with an uncomfortable bra. So I always turn to sports bra... I wear them normally anyway, but this is even more of a necessity.
Sporty Spice

The Hand Luggage:

Hiking Essentials

Hiking is all about being basic. But not in the sense of a 'basic bitch' but about bringing the bare essentials.

1. A Jumper - You never know when the weather is going to take a turn for the worse a go down a few degrees. I always like to have a jumper to hand when I go outside, especially as I'm the first to moan when it's chilly. 
Jump Around

2. A Camera - You are not going to want to miss the beautiful horizons and landscapes that can be captured in a permanent moment with a picture, so don't forget to pack the eyes of your trip to tell your friends and show them when you come home.
Hiking Cameras

3. A Lunch Box / Snacks - If there's a way of saving money, effort and energy it's about being prepared with your food prep. And this is for all situations in life, not just hiking. But it does help, especially when you need that extra surge of energy or a bit of sugar.
Snack Attack

4. A Water Bottle -  It it always so important to keep hydrated. So many of us don't drink enough water and when doing physical exercise such as hiking, you need to make sure that you are drinking water and not allowing yourself to become dehydrated. 
Water Bottles

The Beauty Bits:

Natural Beauty
The Great Outdoors is the perfect excuse to embrace your natural beauty and let your skin breathe. 

1. A Good Base -  When hiking the last thing you want to be worrying about it your makeup, it's really not the priority here... However if you're going to be taking pictures and you want to feel a bit more confident, use an easy peasy BB Cream or mineral foundation that has a good coverage that won't lead you needing any other products.

Natural Skin

2. A Strong Lipbalm- Lipbalms are always a good idea, they are excellent beauty essentials and are needed when you spend a lot of time outdoors and are at a risk of getting chapped and damaged. 
Rosebud Perfume Co lip treatment, £4.99 • Charlotte Tilbury anti aging lip treatment • Christian Dior lip treatment, £24 • Marc Jacobs lip treatment, £17 • Lip treatment, £11 • Clarins lip treatment • Lip treatment • Lip treatment, £2.13 • Trish McEvoy lip treatment, £23

Hiking doesn't require Luxury Optionals... So I will be back with another packing guide next Saturday! 
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