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One of the things I was most excited about after having my laser eye surgery (apart from actually being able to see) was to be able to wear cool sunglasses, fun designs and play around with my eyewear more. And right now I am loving my sunglasses, so I thought I would give you lovelies a little review on what it was like wearing sunglasses for the first time and being able to see again.

I'm a huge sun-worshiper, I absolutely love being in the sunshine and all the things (minus bugs and insects) that come with summery weather, and thanks to being able to see with better than 20-20 vision I can now finally wear normal sunglasses, which even a year ago I thought would be a joy I never would be able to experience. So when I was in Brazil, just a month after my surgery I was all healed up and ready to try out all the sunglasses possible. I spent most of my time wearing some big 'sort of' cat-eye styled sunglasses, that were clear and kind of a noughties throwback, which somehow disappeared from the top of my head on a bus journey back from Argentina... Then there were the Ray-Bans that I bought in Rio De Janerio that I stupidly wore in the sea, without even thinking about it and of course lost those after jumping into a huge wave... Luckily Connor like a hero went into the sea and rescued them, emerging like a wet Action Man with the sun-glasses in hand... But the favourites of them all were my very cool, slightly edgy (for me at least) yellow and black aviators, which make me feel like some cool Hollywood agent-spy type thing. And they managed to survive the whole trip, from England to Brazil and back.

Despite their slim design and incredibly lightweight feel (I don't even notice them on my face), they are not by a super expensive brand or designer, they came from an corner of the internet know as And whilst I acted with hesitation about the quality and what they would be like, after many disasters with 'cheap' online websites, Glasses Shop really changed my perception of online glasses retailers and cheaper websites. I was so blown away with the fact that glasses so cheap could be such high quality and feel the same, if not better than the glasses that I have spent hundreds on over the years. As well as this the shipping wasn't leaving me wondering if it would arrive before Christmas and it even came with a free protective case, cloth (which came in so handy whilst travelling) and a voucher for my next purchase. I really couldn't have asked for more.

Now if you're still not quite believing me and wondering what makes me so blown away by this site, within two minutes of opening the homepage I discovered the site had so many deals and offers on-top of the fact that the glasses frames are nearly all $20-30 (The most expensive ones being just over $50) and some sale items being as low as $6.95! You get the best price guarantee (although I think that will be difficult to beat) and free shipping on all orders over $49. If that wasn't good enough you can get 50% your first time if you sign up (you get an email with the coupon) or for a limited time completely free - just use the code FIRSTFREE and receive your glasses with a free 1.50 single vision lens, anti-scratch coating and of course the case and cloth I previously mentioned. Yes you read all of that correctly... and if none of that tickled your tastebuds for some new eyewear accessories then inviting a friend and getting to share $10 and 50% is just another bonus, I will just add to the list. So knowing all this I was thrilled to the imaginary gills about how comfortable, stable and protective my sunglasses were. I got to completely tailor them from the colour of the lens from a wide range of colours starting at the standard brown, black and grey to the more crazy lime greens, purple and even pink. As well as the colour and finish of the frame.

I opted for a matte black frame with yellow lenses as a) I didn't own anything of the sort and b) I may have seen some people on instagram wearing some super expensive ones and thought that they looked rather cool... I'm really happy I chose this combination as it's a little bit different from the average sunglasses you see everyday and because the tint is so light, they are great for days where it's slightly too bright to expose your eyes to the sun without protection but not bright enough for the thick black Victoria Beckham's, they make a perfect everyday pair, that you can just wear as a cool relaxed accessory whatever the weather or use them for going from day to night (again when it's not dark enough to go bare but not light enough to be without them).

I'm really taking my eye care into more consideration now that I've been going to regular appointments to monitor my eye health, using drops to relieve myself of dry eyes and conscious about exposing my eyes to harsh light and bright sunny days. I've also learnt how train myself into drinking more water and staying hydrated to avoid headaches and eye strain, which has been a real improvement I have noticed as I used to be terrible at staying hydrated. I feel that eye health isn't something that is talked about enough, if at all and I'm far more conscious of how much time I spend staring at screens and making sure to apply drops in the morning and at night to help my eyes recover from a hard day of concentration. And whilst I'm updating you all on things related to health I can even add that I am doing more with my skincare routine and just in general taking more time to give myself some TLC, or maybe that's just my excuse for spending an afternoon painting my nails?

I really hope that you have all been enjoying the sunshine, wherever you are and making the most of nature by spending time outdoors, since coming back to England after four and a half months in Brazil I have been far from disappointed with the Great British weather. Despite the fact it's September and the promise of Autumn creeps closer and closer, I am really pleased to be able to make the most of sunshine and most importantly to me, keep wearing my new sunglasses for a little while longer! 

This post was in collaboration with, I was gifted the sunglasses shown in the images, however all ideas and concepts are my own and not influenced by the brand.
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