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October Wishlist
After coming back from travelling around Tanzania at the end of September I have noticed the winter chill spreading through London, which has inspired me to write a 'wish list' of things I am really obsessed with at the moment, and definitely need to add to my wardrobe as the colder weather is permitting me to 'need' these items as much as I also want them.

Magaschoni sweater, £120  NSF activewear pants, £115  Linda Farrow round glasses  Givenchy makeup brush, £28  Deborah Lippmann nail polish, £19

This month's 'wants' I feel are all very inline with each other and pretty much all stem from the same reasoning of I don't own them or enough to last me through the winter months to come. The following collections of items are some of the things that have caught my eye and have liked so made me put them on my wish list.

Fur  Coats

Fur Coats

I'm picky when it comes to selecting a winter coat at the best of times, let alone choosing a coat which can look very tacky and 'fake' if not chosen carefully. I've been really contemplating the idea of getting myself another faux fur, as the colder months dawn ever closer, suddenly the idea of a statement that is both chic and cosy is tempting me into taking the plunge and purchasing myself one of the faux furs in the styles above.

As a vegan for me fur has to be faux. I do not condemn killing animals in order to make real fur coats when there are many brands who provide alternatives that look just as real and feel even softer. With this in mind the image above is a mixture of both real and faux furs to highlight how hard to it is to tell which furs are real and which aren't.

Thigh High / Knee Length Boots


Another item I've been LOVING at the moment is the look of boots, in particular thigh highs or at least knee length boots. I spent all of last year wearing black faux leather ankle boots with a huge platform front and heel, and as inviting as the idea of wearing the fuss free footwear is, I feel I need to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with some new boots that I can wear with skirts and tights or over jeans. Staying warm and dry will not be an issue with these beauties.

As a vegan for me leather has to be faux. I do not condemn killing animals in order to make real leather items when there are many brands who provide alternatives that look just as real and feel even softer. With this in mind the image above is a guide to inspirations for designs and colour ideas.

Makeup Brushes
I am a huge lover of all things beauty related, like most girls I own far too much makeup (but also not enough) for my own good, however the one thing I seem to be lacking in is a variety of good quality makeup brushes. I of course only buy ethically made brushes from brands that produce vegan brushes for consumers who wish to shop cruelty free and not use animal hairs on their face. I haven't quite decided which brushes I need to invest in yet, I just know that I seriously need to expand my collection, especially as winter requires a little more makeup for that dewy morning glow and heavier looks with darker colour schemes creep into the everyday makeup trends.

Again this one may seem a little random but I seriously need to buy new glasses, I've had my glasses (yes I do mean the exact same pair) since I was 13. That's six years. In other words, far too long. My prescription must have changed by now, so it would be healthier for my eyes if I weren't straining to see, which I probably am without realising. As much as I love my Ray-Bans I could do with a new pair just to spice things up. Only problem is... I have no idea what colour or style to go for yet!
Neutral Nail Polishes

I am a huge advocate of the classic French Manicure. I have the most amazing nail technician who really started the whole gel manicure trend before Shellac and Gelish even existed. I've been going to her for the same manicure for eight years now and the process of her giving me a French gel is worth every second, as I feel like a pampered princess when I sit in her chair for my mani-pedi. However, I'm really into neutral tones at the moment, and the idea of nudes/light browns in shades of camel and dusted pinks and muted colours that aren't quite defined have really been catching my eye as of late. I find that these are super easy to work for any occasion, with any outfit or style of look, without having to worry that your nail colour clashes or doesn't suit the multi-events of your life style.


In case it wasn't blindingly obvious already I have a growing obsession with grey jumpers. In particular slouchy comfy throw ons which are slightly oversized and can be worn with almost  any item and still look as though you are a stylish supermodel touching down from a plane journey from somewhere cool. Or maybe that's just the connotation I have built up after see in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in far too many of these with thigh boots.

Drawstring Pants

And finally as I chill out at home blogging away, I really am feeling chilled as it is getting colder at night here in London. I dread to invest in these much needed items but I am going to by some 'loungewear' styled sweatpants to be comfy at home in as I am far too cold! Just some simple grey ones which I can dress up or dress down if I need to pop to my local Tesco Express for emergency Almond Milk Unsweetened or something... 
J.Crew sweat pants, £260  Isadora gray pants, £14  Gray pants, £9.85  Y 3 grey sweatpant, £160
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