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November Wishlist

A new month means a new wishlist, and some of the things that I've been obsessively into at the moment include the colour brown (getting into that autumnal spirit and all) the importance of good jeans, glowing naturally flawless looking skin, dark nails, thin gold rings, subtle smokey eyes and finally chunky watches. Unlike last month, which focused on the key statement fashion pieces (which you can read about here) November is more about adding accessories to much outfits to enhance my look. As always you will be able to shop my picks for this month.

As a summer baby (my birthday is in July) I have always loved white sands, summer sun, tans and denim shorts. So for me the idea of piling on thick jumpers and oversized coats has really only appealed to me this season really, and I'm actually really starting to love winter fashion! I now have a new found appreciation for large warm jumpers and coats, wearing trousers and boots, which was a compulsory part of winter that gave me chills. But now this year I'm embracing the warm colours and tones that comes with AW clothing and I think I have a new love for all things oversized.

Brown Clothing


Short sleeve dress  Zara brown top, £8.90  Shirts top, £15  Chicwish brown top, £41  Zara blazer, £27  Faux suede skirt  River Island tube skirt, £44  Steve Madden beige shoes  Imitation purse, £15  Accessorize floppy hat, £17  MANGO snood scarve, £14  H M genuine leather belt - currently looking for a faux cruelty free version

What before seemed like a boring and dull choice to wear is now a colour I can really get on board with. It's an easy colour to work around and suits both blondes and brunettes, warm toned and cool toned skin as well as a variety of eye colours. The versatility and range of browns, camels and darker tones of clothing I'm really getting on board with this year.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I rarely leave the house in anything that isn't a skirt or dress. For me trousers are not a natural part of my wardrobe or something I like to shop for. However as I am constantly running out of tights and finding it increasingly difficult to find heels that will look good with a pair of black opaque tights, this year I have given in and started to move onto buying trousers for winter. I have managed to find a perfect £10 pair of high waisted skinny jeans (in black as well - a colour of jeans I haven't bought before) that fit like a glove in Primark. Dare I say I love them? Anyway, I've begun to appreciate more and more the importance and easiness of jeans in ones wardrobe that I didn't see before. For me I am incredibly fussy with cut and colour so hopefully I will be able to find others I like in the future! I feel there's a common misconception that for 'good jeans' you have to spend a lot of money, but if you look after your denim properly and have a pair that fit well and suit your body you shouldn't need a second mortgage to afford them.

Glowing Natural & Flawless Skin

All Things Face

Maybelline face makeup  NYX foundation  Clarins concealer • Nars cosmetic, £33  Burberry face powder, £34  Bobbi brown cosmetic, £29  Dark circle concealer, £25  Dolce Gabbana powder foundation, £42  Clinique tinted moisturizer  H M dark circle concealer  Burberry concealer  Tom Ford concealer  Clinique concealer, £13  MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation  Clinique tinted moisturizer  Bobbi brown cosmetic, £27  Bobbi brown cosmetic, £32  Tarte foundation, £27 Christian Dior concealer, £25  Too Faced Cosmetics foundation • NARS Cosmetics toiletry kit  Eve Lom matte foundation, £34  Clinique concealer  Christian Dior foundation, £36  Nars cosmetic, £33  Bobbi brown cosmetic, £32  Mac cosmetic, £23  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics toiletry kit, £21  Burberry concealer, £27  H M dark circle concealer  Nars cosmetic  Nars cosmetic  Christian Dior concealer

A controversial topic that has been sprawled across countless beauty pages in magazines time after time, is now something I've started to pay attention too. Yes airbrushed 'perfection' is unrealistic and ultimately not true but I'm getting far more into the natural beauty look and moving away from the high contrast contouring I've become accustomed to doing recently. So now I'm using less layers of make up and sticking to one thin BB cream and a touch of translucent powder and I've noticed my confidence has really sky rocketed as I feel less 'fake' and concious of my make up. This for me is real progress as I start to embrace the 'real me' and opt for the glowing dewy look from time to time.

Dark Nails
As the colder weather creeps in and darker colours come into play for our wardrobes I feel it's time to ditch the pastels of lilac and daisy yellow and switch to chocolate browns and navy, black, greys and other deep shades that match what you're wearing. For me it's a simple way to get into the winter spirit. 

Tiny Gold Rings

Put A Ring On It

I'm not the biggest wearer of bling, so thin rings and stacks of smaller jewellery items makes wearing accessories a lot 'easier' to manage and work with multiple outfits. At the moment I've been finding rings a new love of mine, it's just deciding which ones I want to wear!

Subtle Smokey Eyes

Subtle Smokey Eyes

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics shimmer eyeshadow, £34  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics matte eye shadow, £48  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics matte eye shadow, £48  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics matte eye shadow, £45  Chantecaille shimmer eyeshadow, £40  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics metallic eyeshadow, £36  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics glitter eye makeup, £23  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics matte eye shadow, £51  Eyeshadow  Chanel eyeshadow, £25  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eye shadow brush, £34  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics cream makeup, £20  Stila eyeliner, £19  Topshop rose gold eyeshadow, £8.22  Mally eyeshadow, £17  Esum eye shadow brush, £49  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics kohl eyeliner  Bourjois makeup brush  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics kohl eyeliner, £18  Bobbi brown cosmetic, £27 • Bobbi brown cosmetic, £22

For me I don't like wearing a lot of eye makeup. I've never been a fan of the overloaded look, and for me a smokey eye is so over done, I have found a new appreciation for what I call the 'subtle smokey eye' which involves using more brown and slight metallic tones to blur out the lash line and emphasise the eyelid rather than the outer corner of the eye. I've been using a lot more mascara on the bottom lashes and then going around the bottom lash line with the colour eyeshadows I used on the eyelid to create a big smoked out eye. My eye makeup routine has totally changed, become quicker, easier and makes my eyes stand out a lot more (looking bigger and brighter) Hey presto! Quick, easy and goes with everything day to night. I've had so many compliments about this look and the colours I use, plus no touch ups needed. 

Chunky Watches

Watch Me

The final thing on my list for this month is chunky watches. Silver or gold I'm loving the touch of class that it can add to outfit, especially with plain jumpers. I like to be organised and on time so if I can combine being functional and on time with look glamorous why the heck not? 
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